How to create a Viber chat app like what’s app or telegram in 2021?

Instant messaging apps have gained massive popularity throughout the long term. These apps have turned into a great way to stay associated with your companions and relatives. They have also developed a handy tool for several of all shapes and sizes companies to streamline communication with their customers and teams. Presently, you too can create a chat app with Appy Pie’s Android and iOS courier application builder. The best Viber clone app will let your clients chat, create groups, and send limitless images and recordings in the gathering or individually. 

Must-have incredible features in your best Viber clone app 

Pop-up messages 

Each time your app clients receive a message, they get a fast notification on their screen without opening the app. This encourages app clients to return to your app and open it habitually. 

Gathering chats 

Have conversations and conversations with gatherings of individuals, so you don’t have to talk to everybody individually. This works best when your app clients make plans or want to stay associated with a special gathering of individuals. 

Voice and Video Call 

Using your instant messaging app, your app clients can accomplish such a great deal more than simply chatting with their companions. They can make video and voice calls and stay associated with their friends and family, that too without leaving the app. 

Photo and Video Sharing 

Your app clients would be charmed to go past typing and sending emoticons. They can utilize the app to share photos, recordings, GIFs, stickers, and more. This makes the conversations engaging, letting your app clients have somewhat fun. 

Sharing Location 

This is great for your app clients trying to guide their individual app clients to a certain location. This could be home, a place of work, a restaurant, or any other place where they have plans to get together. It comes in beautiful handy and further develops communication. 

Registration and Social Media Logins 

While you can place in a registration feature so that individuals can enter some basic information and register themselves before starting using the app, you can also offer the choice to your app clients to log in using their social media like Facebook.

Profile and Status 

You can let your app clients create their own profile with details like name, number, and a profile image. Additionally, clients can also set up a status on their profile for all the other app clients to see. 

Plan the App Structure 

To make your task effective, plan it properly. When you are following WhatsApp’s clone, then, at that point, you want to understand the whole background of the app, which actually makes this app an incredible message exchanging machine. So, at this stage of app advancement, you want to acquire all the important information regarding what innovation stacks they use or how they handle message traffic, how to upgrade it with new features, and more. 

We should begin the most common way of developing the best Viber clone App. 

To foster a leading Android messaging app, it is crucial to analyze the current market. This will assist you with predicting the present, past, and future necessities of the market. This way, you will actually want to introduce features and different functionalities according to the current market demand. This, however, will assist you with framing the extraordinary Android app idea according to the client and market prerequisite. 

Select the App Module Which Suits Your Business 

For developing the versatile app or other software, it is crucial to identify the business needs and prerequisites; this aids in developing the application that fulfills your business need. Like here, we are talking about building a WhatsApp-like app; then, at that point, this app ought to contain one Login panel, main screen, privacy strategy screen, contact area, and more. 

Once in a while, we pick the app module, wireframe, which is totally different from the business and app functionalities; I will recommend you not do this as this will bring your app to another track that won’t suit your business, and I think this will be not beneficial for your business. Choosing the basic app module will assist you with developing an easy-to-understand Android app like WhatsApp. 

Pick Trending and Must-Have WhatsApp Features 

Before starting to work on the improvement interaction, you ought to pick app features; this saves time and assists you with explaining the app guidelines to the offshore android app designers. On the basis of market analysis, you ought to pick the trending features for your WhatsApp-like android app. Like nowadays, AI, ML, and chatbots advances are trending, so you can also introduce features oriented with trending innovations. 

Apart from this, I will propose you notice the other famous messaging apps like Hike, Telegram, Messenger, Viber, Line, IMO, WeChat. You can also pick other famous features of the different messaging apps and introduce the same in your WhatsApp-like Android app. Presently we should zero in on WhatsApp features. If you are making a replica of WhatsApp, then, at that point, it is mandatory to introduce WhatsApp’s latest features, namely; 

  • Animated stickers, 
  • Dark mode, 
  • Video calls, 
  • Gathering video calls, 
  • Status updates, 
  • Login and registration page, and more. 

Select App Design 

Once after selected the features for your WhatsApp like Android app, select the plan; this will help explain the app plan to the Android app engineers. Always pick an attractive and straightforward UI/UX plan for your android app, this aids in attracting clients and also makes your app attractive. 

Recruit Android App Developers to Develop an App Like WhatsApp 

After selecting the portable app configuration, search for a reliable and top-level Android app improvement company to enlist Android App Developers. Presently you may be wondering why employ designers for building an Android app like WhatsApp? 

By hiring the engineers and getting the assistance of experienced designers, you will have support building a leading app like WhatsApp. Gifted designers realize which cross-platform innovations will best suit the making of Android apps like WhatsApp. 

While researching the factors related to Android apps, I tracked down that portable app engineers generally really like to utilize Flutter, Java, Swift, and React Native advancements to foster leading versatile apps like WhatsApp. 

Wrapping up

A popular, superior versatile and best Viber clone app can increase business efficiency significantly; the innovative advances stated here will assist you with developing a leading Android app like WhatsApp. In any case, for that, you have to plan things accordingly. If you have decided of building a messaging app like WhatsApp, I will propose you recruit Android App engineers from a perceived and demonstrated Android app improvement company. This will support you in producing an extraordinary app and meet your business goals.