15 Important Facts To Know About React Native

React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework create a app. The platform has gained popularity owing to its JavaScript framework which allows developers to use the same code for both iOS and Android apps. It also has the ability to render components without having to reload the page, which means that React Native apps are much more responsive than their counterparts.

React Native is a JavaScript library, which is used to build mobile apps. It has emerged as one of the most preferred type of development of late due to its native-friendly user interfaces and usage of pure JavaScript code. It is actually a UI library that helps developers use different components to design their app’s screens. Developers can use it for cross-platform app development or for building cross-platform components for the same app. Furthermore, React Native New Features add a lot of advantages to it which seem to be missing in other platforms in comparison.

React Native is a new development that is exciting for several reasons. First, it allows developers to build apps that run on native platforms, which is not available to traditional developers. Second, React Native allows developers to create more powerful apps with ease, thanks to the ability to use just a few libraries and the React Native team. This allows developers who are familiar with web development to create high-quality apps that will run on both iOS and Android devices. Finally, React Native allows the use of traditional web development, which ensures consistency and reliability. This allows developers who are used to web development to create high-quality React Native apps.

Important Facts to know About React Native

React Native uses the same code for multiple platforms like iOS and Android, which in turn saves a significant amount of time, also impacting the cost to a great extent. According to findings, more than 90 percent of the code can be reused between iOS and Android which makes React Native a better option to choose than others.

Here are some Important Facts to know About React Native:

1. React Native has been around since 2013 when it was first released as a beta project called Flutter; it later grew into its own product with the official launch of version 1 in 2015.

2. React Native is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces for mobile apps.

3. The first version of React Native was released in April 2015 by Facebook.

4. React Native has been used by developers to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

5. React Native Main Concepts can also be built using web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

6. A React Native application will run on both Macs and PCs with the help of Xamarin and Cordova platforms.

7. The main purpose of creating a React Native app is to create cross-platform applications which are native in nature and perform better than hybrid apps that use both native code and web technologies like HTML5 or CSS3 for rendering UI components on different devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets etc.

8. A developer can write applications using JavaScript instead of Objective-C or Swift languages if they want them to run on both iOS and Android devices at the same time without any change in code structure including code generation tools like XCode or Android Studio.

9. It can be used as a library or as a standalone framework.

10. You can use it with React, Angular, Ember, and Vuejs.

11. It uses JavaScript or TypeScript as its programming language.

12. It has an open-source community behind it with more than 26000 contributors on GitHub.

13. The user interface is mostly controlled by the rendering engine of your choice, in this case React Native.

14. React Native development is fast and saves almost 50% to 90% of development time as compared to other platforms.

15. The development expenses also come down drastically if React Native is chosen

React Native is the future of development. It’s a way of building applications that are built using the same codebase as your existing applications. This means you can build the same app using the same codebase as your existing applications, without the need to learn new features. Plus, with React Native, you can build apps that are more responsive and intuitive. So if you’re looking for a way to build high-quality applications that run on any device, get in touch with Hire React Native Developer to get yourself the ultimate development experience.