Top 7 Productive Healthcare Technology Trends in 2022

Healthcare has always been important in keeping us healthy and lively. During Covid-19 pandemic, we were reminded of the importance and value of mobile technology and apps for healthcare. While the pandemic is subsiding now, there is a need for innovation in the field of healthcare technology.

Needless to say, the world took up the responsibility to respond to these needs. Consequently, various healthcare technological trends rose in the year 2022. If you are curious about these trends, this blog is the right place for you. Here, we shall be looking at 10 emerging trends in healthcare application development, in the year 2022.

7 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Application Development 2022


In the world of modern technology, new trends are emerging every day. However, there are only a few that stick around long enough to be called megatrends. Here, we shall be discussing such trends in the field of healthcare application development.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence or more popularly known as AI is the technology of the future and there is no doubt about that. In recent years, we have seen AI has been applied in a different fields. The credit mostly goes to the introduction of Industry 4.0.

Sooner or later this tech was going to arrive in Healthcare app development and it was in 2022 that it did. So, this self-learning and improvising technology has been used in this field to analyze as well as gain insight into a large amount of data.

Moreover, it is also used for sorting, arranging data, and converting it into useful information. This can be then used to improve the healthcare industry. As such, it also played a big role in helping fight the covid virus. If you want to implement AI in your Healthcare app, there are many AI Development company in USA that you choose from.

  1. Telehealth Mobile App

If you have lived through a pandemic, which of course you have, you know what a telehealth mobile app is. During a pandemic, these apps were what kept us in touch with the medical profession without actually seeing them face to face.

Now, the ecosystem that was established during the pandemic was not trashed. Rather it struck around and now it has become a trend on the healthcare industry in 2022. And needless to say, it is helping medical facilities and professionals provide service over a great distance to a remote location through this.

  1. Interoperability

The term “interoperability” refers to the process of data exchange between and across organizations and systems. Again, we already know why the data is important for the healthcare industry. As it is a driving force behind the digital transformation of the industry.

With this technological trend in the healthcare industry, it is easier to access data between the patients and medical services providers. And the best part is, that the risk of a security breach or privacy loss is little to none.

  1. Cloud

By no means is the cloud a new technology. In fact, it has been around for a fairly long time. And its name has become a synonym for remote “cloud” data storage.

However, its use in healthcare application development showed us, that it’s much more than that. We are talking about a hybrid cloud environment. They can be used to provide high-level security. Thus, enabling organizations to move data from point A to point B without compromising it.

Moreover, it also helps them stay compliant with security regulations like HIPAA. You can find SaaS app Development Company that can help you with this.

  1. Robotic Surgery

Robotics has been romanticized for a long time now. Even a hundred years ago popular media was exploring the different options robotics will be used in the future. Without us knowing, over the past century, these machines have become a significant part of our world. And in 2022, robots will also become a big part of the healthcare industry.

To be specific, we are talking about robotics in surgery. While these machines aren’t ready to do surgery on their own, they are considerably good assistants. These machines are precise, flexible, and a lot more helpful to doctors than conventional assistants.

There are many companies that have developed their own clinical robotic surgical systems. They mainly consist of mechanical arms, various cameras, and sensors. These components are controlled by the surgeon through a computer. In addition to more precious moments, the computer view through sensors and camera also provides the surgeon a better view into the concerned area.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that is popularly associated with the infamous cryptocurrency app development. But how many of you knew, it can also be used in the healthcare industry? Well, as it turns out, a blockchain-based system provides a transport record that cannot be interfered with. And we all know how important medical records are for various reasons.

In addition to this, it also enables the doctor to anonymize the patient data without compromising the healthcare service being provided to them. Blockchain Development Company can help you get familiar with the same.

  1. Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT is yet another popular mainstream technology that has found its way into healthcare. And it has done well enough to become a trend. So, how is it used? Let’s see.

The use of wearables is has become quite prominent. And so has the use of integrated applications, monitors, and so on. IoT connects all of these together with help of healthcare software development solutions.


Healthcare Industry needs constant improvement to make sure it can deliver better healthcare services to the populous. Technology has played an important part in this mission if it is used right. Now, in this blog, we saw what are some of the largest technology trends of healthcare software development and mobile app development.