Nutrients rich foods for a healthy lifestyle

With the recognition of the fact that vegans may need to consume abundant sources of nutrients, vegan diets are based upon plant foods. This means they can contain certain amounts of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat such as omega-3 fatty acids.
Vitamin B12 is a nutrient found in animal products other than eggs, but today, it’s possible to safely get vitamin B12 from food alone with no risk either for bleeding or nerve damage.
[1]. It is recommended that vegans get a vitamin B12 supplement in order to boost their intake. Vitamin D and fish are also good sources of vitamin D, which aids some mineral absorption.
[2]. The body takes up phosphorus if adequate dietary levels as protein, calcium, or phosphates.
[3] Iron should be mainly provided by vegans avoiding powdered iron supplements due to concerns over possible toxicity.
[4]. Phosphorus and vitamin D supplements are crucial during pregnancy to help the baby develop strong bones. Pregnant women can take calcium supplements as they are important for the growth of the baby as well. Fat should come mainly from plant sources like nuts, seeds, avocado, and avocados will contain about 90% monounsaturated fatty acids that may have the potential to fight cancer.

A healthy, balanced diet includes

Different number of food groups

Rich in essential nutrients, omega 3 and vitamin B12 rich foods should be included. This includes whole-grain bread or cereal daily along with breakfast cereals, beans (pulses) like kidney beans, lentils, and soybean products such as tofu. Vegetables – dark green leafy vegetables/ salads or tomatoes which contain beta-carotene to produce vitamin A are important sources of vital antioxidants that help keep the heart and brain healthy. Some poor sources of vitamin A are cauliflower, rice milk/yogurt/skimmed milk taken from cows, fish like sardines or anchovies, and eggs but it is important to eat those foods in moderation since too much can be toxic with empty calories. Omega fatty acids should come mainly from oily fishes such as salmon, mackerel (sundried cod) tuna canned in olive oil with added monounsaturated, n-3 fatty acids. Some fish like sardines and anchovies contain high levels of mercury in a form known as methylmercury that can cause developmental effects for the brain or central nervous system such as changes to working memory.

Most healthful foods you must eat

Rich in anti-oxidants Suchet fresh berries, red wine or organic soft drinks ( avoid high sugar sodas and pet treats like bones), nut butter hot sauces, a medium-hot one with ¼ tsp of cayenne pepper.
Mixed nuts Snack on seeds/legumes. These include unsalted edamame beans, black beans all types of pumpkin seeds peanuts, sunflower kernels & tahini, sesame seeds, and their oils, almonds, pecans.

Frozen berries can be substituted for fresh Bitter cocoa powder

They are used in small amounts as a healthy sweetener is made from ground-up beans or the powdered bark of certain trees such as cacao, and it provides flavonols your body needs to help keep heart health, bolster the brain function & have anti-cancer effects.