7 Intraday Trading Webinars every trader should attend

In simple words, intraday trading refers to the buying and selling of stock in just one day. The key to gains in this type of trading lies in the variations in the stock price over the course of the day. For example, if you got to know that a particular company’s shares are set to go up by the end of the day, you invest a huge sum of money in that. If things move as per your expectations, you are likely to make profit but if not, you will suffer losses.

When it comes to investing intraday trading, decisions should not be taken in hurry. Instead, traders and investors must choose from various strategies to take the right call. The secret to success in intraday trading in Zerodha or any other stock broker lies in the proper knowledge of the market functioning and key points. This can be achieved by going through different types of knowledgebase available online and offline while practicing with low amounts.

If you just stepped into the world of intraday trading and want to make it big by learning and practicing more, one thing you can do is to attend various webinars online that would help you understand the key tricks and tips of intraday trading.

So, well here is how to begin with. Here is a list of 7 top trending webinars that are found to be great for intraday traders.

  1. Intraday Trading Strategy for Passive Traders

This webinar is spearheaded by Mr. Abhijit Paul, who brings fresh perspectives of intraday trading that would help you in the long run. For traders and investors, there is no stay grounded on their computer screen during the market hours to bring this strategy into play.

The core theme of this webinar is to discovering high-profitability getaway stocks that are set to go ahead with improved pulse irrespective of the trading session which further helps traders in booking quick profits.

The best part of this webinar is its endeavor to introduce a new perspective to intraday trading that many traders may not be aware of. Moreover, this is great as it helps primarily those intraday traders who cannot sit in front of the computer screen throughout the day.

  1. Intraday Trading strategy Is Now Your Cup of Tea

Intraday trading is all about making right assumptions, exiting the stocks at the right time and booking desired profits. However, it is a lot more difficult from what it looks right from searching the right stock to predicting the way it is going to move. This is what top 10 stock brokers in India think of this trading section.

For new traders, choosing the right time frame for decision making is another stiff challenge. During the webinar, all the aforementioned points that a novice intraday trading are likely to face are discussed and a comprehensive insight is delivered to increase the likelihood of success in intraday trading.

Organized by Mr. Dimesh Patel, this webinar brings an all-new perspective to intraday trading.

  1. Best Nifty Intraday trading Strategy in Hindi

If language acts as a barrier for you, you can go for this webinar which is in Hindi language. For every intraday trader, it is necessary to understand when to enter and exit a particular stock. Fortunately, this webinar focuses on that and helps traders in making the sound decisions consistently.

If you are struggling to find the exact levels of entry and exit in intraday trading, you can’t afford to miss this webinar. You can get to know everything from the points made by Mr. Vijay Thakkar who easily explains how to choose the right strategy for Nifty intraday trading.

  1. Intraday Trading with VWAP Indicator

One of the most troublesome hurdles encountered by new traders is how to select the most appropriate stocks for intraday trading.

This webinar just hits the right spot and explains to the intraday traders how precisely and smartly they can choose stocks for intraday trading in an easier and effective manner.

The trainer is Mr. Abhisekh Khar, who can help you in understanding:

  • How to create a list of stocks for trading the next day.
  • Determine the most appropriate mix of indicators that would enhance your stock selection process.
  • How to choose stocks that can promise the most lucrative intraday punches for more profitability.


  1. Golden Intraday Nifty Bread & Butter Short Straddle & Strangles Option Strategy

Delivered by Mr. Chetan Panchamia, this webinar helps intraday traders in discovering the theta edge added by participants in an organized way with an authority with respected back-tested outcomes and appropriate position sizing with the distinct risk per trade in order to receive a trading edge.

This intraday strategy will help in accruing more profits over a longer time horizon if one pursues it with correction since it leverages the theta edge throughout the day.

The traders will get a proper knowledge of theta loss and the process of performing the trade to seek long-term gains from it.

  1. Intraday Futures

If you are inclined towards intraday futures trading, this webinar by Mr. Ujjawal Annand is a must-attend. This webinar would help you understand everything about intraday futures trading from the basics to its association with price movement, open interest, and advanced indicators, etc.

Overall, it would help you level up your chances of being profitable in this kind of intraday trading.

Nonetheless, he will also discuss the setting which he has been using for several ways and correcting at various time frames for solid entry and exit.

  1. Intraday Trading with VWAP Indicator

The biggest problem with intraday trading is to choose the right indicators as there are many of them to choose from.

This webinar by Mr. Varun Danturthy talks about how to utilize VWAP indicator for intraday trading , which he has been using for long years.

This right knowledge of indicators would help traders gain a competitive edge to intraday trading and how it can be used to change the trader’s position considerably.

By going through this webinars, traders can get to know how profits can be accrued trading intraday with chastisement and following a proven method.

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The conclusion

In the domain of intraday trading, it is necessary for traders to have the knowledge of right techniques and methods. This is where these webinars help a lot as they impart the necessary information in a much understandable way.

Whether you are a new intraday trader or an experienced ones, don’t forget to attend these webinars to refresh your knowledge about intraday trading.