How Does A Water Level Indicator Work?

Water Level Indicator

wastage due to overflow of water tanks. So, in order to get rid of this issue Water Technology has been used. A system that provides information to a control panel in order to indicate the level of water whether it is high or low in a water body is a Water Level Indicator. It uses a simple mechanism to find out and indicate the level of water in a water tank or any other water storage container.

Water level indicators are used to keep a check on the water level and stop the wastage of water due to overflow. It has been designed in such a way that it turns on the water pump when the water level is low and fills an adequate amount of water in the tank. Once the tank is full it switches off the water pump automatically.

Given below is the working of a water level indicator:

Set The Water Level – One must set the water level in the water level indicator while installing. This is the most important step and helps in filling the water to the desired level. The water level prescribed by the consumer plays an important role in filling the tank as it creates the required pressure on the sensor. One must keep in mind that they have to set the upper limit as well as the lower limit in the sensor.

Notifies – When the tank has less water tank than the specified amount, the alarm is triggered. The water then notifies the water pump as well as the user regarding the situation. Thus the functioning of the water pump starts.

Creating Pressure – The water level in the tank creates pressure on the front surface of the sensor which then converts the pressure to a liquid level height. The pressure thus switches on the water pump and water starts filling in the overhead water tank.

Alerts – The Water Technology which is being used in water sensors alerts the user when the water tank is filled to the specified level. It also activates the water level sensor and switches off the water tank automatically when the tank gets filled to a specified level, thus stopping the wastage of water.

There are different types of water level sensors depending upon the usage as well as manufacturer. The 3 probe water level indicators have three functions namely: start the water pump, stop the water pump, and manage the water level. While the 5 probe water level sensors come with low sound alarms and high sound alarms along with the switch on, switch off, and manage water level functions. The high sound alarms play when the water level is too high or too low, while the low sound alarms play when the water reduces or rises above the provided limit.

Water technology is a boon for managing the water judiciously and saving it for future use. Along with this water level indicator also helps in saving money by using less electricity and water. It shows the indication of water level in any kind of water tank. It can be used continuously with very little energy being consumed. Automatic water level indicators ensure that you don’t face the problem of water overflowing and dry pumps. And helps in measuring the water level accurately at your location.