Substrates For Bettas

There are many best substrate for betta fish you can utilize, which makes it difficult to pick what’s ideal. Recorded underneath are the absolute most basic substrates, just as the upsides and downsides of utilizing them. 

Aquarium Gravel 

Perhaps the most generally utilized substrates, gravel is a work of art. You can get aquarium gravel in any pet store or sea-going focus. You can likewise get it in many tones, yet I unquestionably think the more characteristic tones are better 


A portion of the experts of utilizing aquarium gravel are: 

  • It’s difficult for a fish to work up. While betta’s don’t generally do this other fish you plan on lodging your betta with might. On the off chance that you have a substrate that is effortlessly worked up, it can make the tank look muddled and overcast. 
  • While food, dung, and plant trash may fall into the breaks of gravel, one of the advantages is that it’s not difficult to clean. You simply need to take some break with a gravel vacuum. 
  • However long you get pea-sized gravel, you don’t need to stress over your betta eating any of it. 
  • Since gravel isn’t as smaller as different kinds of substrates it’s much simpler for plants to fill in. 


Aquarium Gravel

Regarding the matter of plants, if your gravel isn’t sufficiently smaller, you may see your plants dislodging and skimming around the tank. 

Gravel can regularly be sharp, which isn’t useful for your betta. On the off chance that your betta swims to low it might scratch itself and get an injury. This will bring about an expanded possibility of infection and sickness. 

Live food can regularly stow away in gravel, making it harder for your fish to eat them, just as an expanded chance of them overbreeding. 

So Is Gravel Good For Fish Tanks? 

Gravel is certainly a solid competitor. However long it’s smooth, pea-sized, or marginally greater and very conservative it’s a fantastic decision. In case you’re thinking about what kind of gravel to get, pea gravel is likely your smartest option. 

Aquarium Sand 

You can likewise add aquarium sand to your betta tank. Aquarium Sand is ordinarily utilized for base dwelling fish, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it for your betta. Indeed, aquarium sand might be more similar to your betta’s common habitat than gravel. 


  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of utilizing sand is that it’s significantly more reduced. This degree of minimization implies that any flotsam and jetsam, for example, food just sits on the outside of the sand. On the off chance that you have a bottom feeder in your tank, they’ll have the option to eat this. Also, on the off chance that you don’t have a base dwelling fish, you should simply drift a gravel vacuum an inch over the sand. 
  • Furthermore, the other advantage of sand is the way that there are no sharp edges. On the off chance that you plan on utilizing sand, you don’t need to stress over your betta harming themselves. 


  • Despite the fact that it doesn’t occur regularly, some of the time development of terrible microorganisms can happen in air pockets inside the sand. This development can deliver hydrogen sulfide into the tank which is terrible for your fish. To stop this occurrence you need to tenderly whirl the sand often. 
  • At the point when you initially put the sand into your tank, it might whirl around making the water look messy. This will likewise happen each time the sand is upset. 
  • Since sand is so smaller, it can frequently be difficult for your plants to burrow their underlying foundations down. Just as this you may need to burden your plants with gravels, as it’s too light to even think about keeping a few plants moored down. 

Best Betta Substrate

By and by, I wouldn’t utilize them myself since they’re not reasonable for bigger tanks. Be that as it may, they do give an enormous assortment of shadings, so you’ll have the option to pick one to supplement your Betta. 

Pros of using marbles:

  • Tastefully satisfying. 

Cons of utilizing marbles: 

  • Not reasonable for bigger tanks since they’re excessively enormous for vacuums to eliminate caught garbage. 
  • Not truly adept at securing plants. 
  • You’ll need to perform regular and enormous water changes. 
  • Try not to look characteristic. 
No Substrate 

Going for the ‘exposed base’ look is another choice, yet, once more, I wouldn’t suggest it. 

Pros of using no substrate:

  • You don’t need to clean the substrate. 
  • No possibility of uneaten food being lost and left to spoil. 

Cons of utilizing no substrate: 

  • No surface for advantageous microorganisms to develop (this is vital). 
  • Difficult to root plants. 
  • Your Betta could get pushed by its own appearance. 
Stone Aggregate 

In the event that you need a characteristic look, and don’t need sand or gravel, this is your most ideal choice. It’s comprised of sand, stones, and gravels sourced from nature. 

Pros of using stone aggregate:

  • Give a characteristic look. 
  • An assortment of shapes and sizes are accessible. 
  • Can secure plants into it. 
  • Simple to siphon and clean. 

Cons of utilizing stone total: 

  • Should know about sharp/harsh edges. 
  • Will in general be more costly than gravel or sand. 
  • Uneaten food could lose all sense of direction in it. 
Carib Sea Acs05832 Super Natural Peace River Sand for Aquarium 

Carib Sea Super Natural is the smartest choice on alluring enormous grain just as normal in your betta tank. This item has explicitly been made for freshwater that generally utilizes plants. Additionally, this stuff is painstakingly planned and picked to coordinate characteristic colorful natural surroundings where bettas stay locally. 

Betta Substrate

This Carib substrate is neither acidic nor essential hence doesn’t change the pH in your aquarium since nonpartisan pH is the fundamental prerequisite for the ideal substrate. This item helps in offsetting things by giving the best surface region to good conditions to upgrade the development of microbes. 

The primary point of sand is to satisfy its utilization with gravel as a top layer for best results with oceanic plants. The plants effectively anchor their underlying foundations into the sand which causes them to develop overwhelmingly. 

I additionally love the shining tones and a characteristic look. This makes an alluring and staggering living space for your fish. The way that this current item’s grain is huge kissed up to speed plant harbor.