The 6 Best Ways To Store Kratom

You’ve probably heard of Kratom before and are wondering how it can be of assistance to you. The herb isn’t so new in the medical industry, with investigators and physicians alike carrying out countless tests to learn more about it. 

The information they’ve gathered so far is that it may relieve stress, help with relaxation, ease tension, enhance mood, and heighten focus. People often dry and grind Kratom’s blades into ash to create capsules or tea. It has a bitter taste, but that’s only because of its potency and fast action. 

You have to preserve your Kratom correctly for it to be effective as it’s delicate. If you’re a beginner Kratom user, you’ll love the quality products from goldenmonk. 


What Exactly is Kratom? 


Kratom, also referred to as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree that’s native to Southeast Asia. It flourishes in nations such as:

  • Philippines 
  • Vietnam 
  • Thailand 
  • Malaysia 
  • Myanmar 


Natives in these areas have used it for countless years. The Western world is quickly catching on to it. 

Kratom contains alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine that are in charge of its soothing characteristics. 

It’s common practice for Southeast Asian locals to munch on its leaves to receive its effects. 

However, in the Western world, we prefer to consume it as ash, tea, or a capsule. You can credit its approval in the West to its ability to substitute harmful options. 

Kratom’s Legality 

The FDA may not be the herb’s fan, but it’s legitimate in most lands in the US aside from these locations: 

  • Wisconsin 
  • San Diego, California 
  • Indiana 
  • Alabama 
  • Sarasota County, Florida 
  • Tennessee 
  • Arkansas 
  • Illinois, except Jerseyville 


Kratom Threads and Their Impacts 


Specialists classify Kratom into four primary colors. Each hue has countless variations, like White Thai or White Horn. The vein’s color on the Kratom blades determines the color. 

Each color creates its unique set of effects. But each variation within a color can vary. For instance, White Thai and White Horn manufacture roughly similar impacts. However, White Thai creates more potent effects and will therefore get more acceptance. 

You can anticipate Kratom’s impacts to last anywhere from three to five hours. Here are the strains and their benefits: 

Yellow Vein Kratom 

Yellow threads are a mix of red and white strains. However, they tend to lean more towards white threads. They’re an excellent way to receive a stable dosage of power minus the white strains’ stimulation. 

Some of the best yellow strains are: 

  • Yellow Thai- it’s slightly less euphoric than its relative White Thai. However, it offers the same energy degree minus the massive upward spike. 
  • Gold Maeng Da- it’s a variant of Green Maeng Da. But it’s less sedative and more powerful. It’s excellent for productivity and suitable as a morning drink. 

Red Vein Kratom 

They manufacture more substantial soothing effects than other threads. Plus, they’re more relaxing and sedative. If you have stress or other types of discomfort, red threads are the right pick. The most popular and most robust red strains are: 

  • Red Maeng Da – which is ideal for tension and stress due to its euphoric characteristics 
  • Red Borneo – it’s excellent for soothing, but it’s not so sedative. 
  • Red Bali – suitable for tension and to feel super relaxed. 

Green Vein Kratom 

They’re a combination of white and red threads. They can manufacture energizing and euphoric effects followed by some drowsiness. They can also assist with tension, but not to a similar degree as a red strain. Some of the best green strains are: 

  • Green Maeng Da- consumers worldwide acknowledge it as one of the best. It’s incredibly energizing and euphoric. If you’re dealing with some tension and stress, it’s perfect for you.  
  • Green Malay- it’s slightly similar to Green Maeng Da, but it’s a bit more energizing. You can even use Green malay kratom to treat stress

White Vein Kratom 

They’re stimulant threads. They offer mood and energy boosts plus increased concentration. 

The best white strains are: 

  • White Borneo- it’s unique among white threads since it offers some relief. 
  • White Thai- it’s euphoric. 


white vein kratom  

Kratom’s Storage Enemies 

It’s good that you know its preservation enemies first before you can learn how to store it. The foes are: 

  • Strong smells- some individuals choose to keep their Kratom in the refrigerator, which is okay, but if you’re one of them, you need to be wary of powerful scents affecting its flavor. 
  • Temperature variations- while you should preserve your Kratom in a cold area, the main issue to avoid in terms of temperature is fluctuation. The herb degrades very fast when you shift it from one end of the temperature scale. 
  • Too much oxygen- oxygen can degrade Kratom. 
  • UV Light- the sun’s rays can be harmful, and they’re powerful. Excessive exposure to Kratom to the sun can harm it. 
Best Ways to Preserve Kratom 

Consider following these storage tips if you’re looking to gain maximum benefits from your Kratom product: 

Place it in an Opaque or Dark Jar 

Don’t store Kratom in a transparent glass jar. Store it in a tinted dark bottle crafted from opaque or ceramics material instead. This is because the sun’s ultraviolet rays can render the Kratom less powerful. 

Store it in a Cold and Closed Room 

Preserve Kratom in a room with no window. That’ll assist in hindering fluctuation and will maintain the room temperature. It makes sure that alkaloids stay intact and don’t decline with time. 

Keep it Away from Moisture. 

Moisture can damage the whole Kratom batch if the Kratom is exposed to it. Kratom powder’s shelf life stays stable when you dry the blades. However, dry leaves gather more moisture. Store it away from moist areas such as dishwasher vents. 

Preserve it in an Airtight Container 

It’s essential to keep your product away from humidity and moisture. Even a tiny amount of water can result in the development of molds in your batch. 

Keep Kratom Away from Strong Smells 


If preserved in a bottle with a strong unpleasant odor, Kratom can absorb that smell and become inedible. 

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Paste the Dates on Kratom Bags and Containers 

Make some storage room in the refrigerator if you’d like to store Kratom ash in bulk amounts. 

Mention the date of Kratom purchase on the containers and bags where you’re preserving them. 


Kratom is a precious product which, just like any other article, is prone to damage. Therefore, you should strive to store it in the right conditions. Consider preparing the locations you’d like to store it before buying it to save yourself the hassle. And check your item consistently to ensure it’s in good condition. Make any necessary changes early should you observe any issue for you and your Kratom’s welfare.