What Is Unique About An Emu?

What is so unique about the Emu the bird? It’s a small, white-chinned Australian native. It’s a cousin of the black swan, the wader bird, the bluebird, and the common wren. The emu’s scientific name is the Emu albiflora and it was first described in 1846 by Australian naturalist Captain James Cook.

Eucalyptus Tree

An EMU Australia Discount Code has gray upper parts with bright greenish flanks that appear to resemble the fur of the eucalyptus tree. Its chest is leathery with its crest and ruffles having four-pointed tips. Its head, neck, and tail are white with dark spots on them. Its face has a yellow throat and its beak is bigger than its head. Its eye is smaller than its rounded red nose.

Variation of The Tahitian Phrase

The word ’emu’ itself is not from any language or breed of bird. It is derived from the Polynesian word ’emu’ meaning ‘ear of the sun’. In fact, the emu’s call is also a variation of the Tahitian phrase, ‘ka e o ka cheese. The distinctive call is often called by the locals ‘Eru-use, which means ‘ewe-o-wee-tour

The most distinguishing feature of the Emu is its distinctive call. This is one of the sounds that birds make that cannot be mistaken. It can easily be compared to a chirping bee. It’s loudest when males call at females during mating season.

Wide-Grassland Area

As of now, there are about forty different species of the Emu. They are native to wet and tropical rainforests of Australia and Asia. They prefer a lush, wide-grassland area. As their name suggests, these birds have a thick, down-to-earth bill with a prominent tail.

Black Feathering

Contrary to other breeds, the Emu has relatively few characteristics that set it apart from other birds. For instance, it does not have a ruff of feathers behind its beak. The only notable difference is its bright, yellow-orange plumage. Also, unlike most other birds, the Emu has no black feathering in its neck, except for the tip of its beak.

Quality Of The Bird

Of course, one of the biggest questions asked about the Emu is, ‘How much is this bird priced?’ The price depends on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, the quality of the bird, and the type of breeding. A good breeder will usually be happy to give you a free examination. It is important to find out if the bird has been properly tested and if it is shows quality.

Characteristics Of The Breed

Many people ask, ‘What is unique about an Emu?’ If you are considering breeding your own Emu, it is important to understand the characteristics of the breed. Emus are active birds that take to flight easily. They are great pets and can withstand rigorous play. If you are looking for a unique pet, the Emu is the right breed for you!

Many Breeds of Domestic Dogs

The ‘Emu’s’ diet is relatively simple, yet filling. They enjoy a wide variety of foods including nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and meat. However, the Emu is selective of the type of food it consumes and will only accept foods that fit within its dietary guidelines. If the bird refuses to eat, it will not thrive! In addition, unlike many breeds of domestic dogs, the Emu is not known for its energy level! In fact, it is one of the slowest growing breeds.

Companion or Potential Mate

The Emu is unique in that it possesses both a true genetic memory and a modern aesthetic sense. The Emu has evolved over centuries with only subtle changes maintaining its uniqueness. The Emu is extremely sociable and will readily bond with members of its own breed and other birds of the same species. When an individual sees another with an Emu as a companion or potential mate, the ‘genetic memory’ will ensure that the chosen bird will always be the preferred mate.

Distinctive Black And White

The appearance of what is unique about an emu? The distinctive black and white markings that define the Emu are extremely distinct and unmistakable. In the wild, the Emu possesses a range of bright colors but in captivity, the bird will usually opt for rich chestnut coloration. These dark marks often serve to identify the bird as a member of its own species and are used widely by ornithologists to distinguish species. In the wild, the markings on the face and body of the Emu may vary slightly between individuals, but they will generally appear in a similar pattern. In captivity, the pattern will vary slightly between birds.


What is unique about an Emu? The Emu has a reputation as being a flamboyant and playful breed that can be a great joy to own and to run around in. The Emu is also known for its high intelligence, and a great ability to bond with fellow Emus. Emus are highly recommended as pets for families with children because they mix well with other birds, but they are very different from other breeds of parrots!