Which Kind Of Stone Cladding Fixing Should I Use?

We asked five of our favorite property experts which kind of stone cladding fixings would suit you best, and their recommended options are below:

Stone Capping:

It is the most obvious choice, as the name suggests. This classic option gives you all the advantages of a stone cladding solution. Still, it avoids getting your hands dirty with plaster or paintwork giving more space for decorating in other areas and leaving an ideal “natural finish.”


Most people will have no qualms about installing a modern tile system, which provides additional protection to existing stonework against water ingress and looks stunning next to certain stone materials. As they are easier to clean, harder natural stones can be more troublesome, and cost requires space around the work area, which is ideal for laying down in order transverse planks or slate mats, allowing you complete control over the final result.

Granite Slabs As Well As Smaller Tiles:

They have a similar surface-finishing effect that makes very neat small window surrounds, built-in storage units, hearths, and other stone solutions. Exposed synthetic floor tiles are ideal for bare stonework. They provide additional strength against impact while helping to dissipate heat gained from the sun in triple glazed windows, making them an economically viable option yet attractive alternative.

A Fantastic Choice For Many Reasons:

Including pure cement tint helps reduce the noticeable visual impact of stone cladding the simple but flexible way to decorate existing stonework, making it look more like new,” saving time and money. Removing as little or no material from a building reduces property prices due to prudence under some circumstances in others such as re-designs, they are also ideal for cost-sensitive clients adding decorative interest & natural character architects go on about “authentic materials”, whilst most people would prescribe to more traditional decor. A natural stone cladding system is beneficial for architectural projects and can also be used within homes, including; fireplaces, grills, doors & paths, storage sheds, and of course, external walls.

Stonewall Cladding Fixing System Characteristics:

Stonewall is an easy-to-use, standardized modular style system available from any Stone Cladding Fixing Supplier. It allows the specification and design choices to be made in advance so long as controls are created during manufacture, allowing 1:1 replication by any approved installer. However, home trials with similar materials should be carried out first so the height can always be maintained on the finished surfaces. The fixing system provides a real value -add opportunity that many customers feel comfortable with.”