Pros and Cons of Studying in New Zealand

Students from all over the world are eager to go to study in New Zealand. They also try to get NZ scholarships. There are several reasons due to which they prefer studying in New Zealand such as the British educational standards that are followed in the country. There are a lot more benefits that persuade the students to look for NZ-based degrees.

Though New Zealand is a good choice to study in, students must know the drawbacks of getting an education from the country. This article will explore both the positive and negative sides of studying in New Zealand.

Pros of Studying in New Zealand

Despite being a small country, New Zealand holds huge opportunities for international students. There are hundreds of pros that make it beneficial to study in New Zealand, some of which are given below.

  • Well-Known Educational Institutes

New Zealand is enriched with several renowned schools, colleges, and universities. They have strict criteria for new admissions and students have to pass multiple tests to get enrolled with an educational institute in New Zealand. It contributes to the worth of their educational system.

  • Vast Opportunities for Research and Learning 

The universities in New Zealand frequently assign their students assignments. When a student comes to the question of how I can do my homework as per the requirements and NZ standards, he may become stressed but constant working on assignments and research projects enhances the students’ research skills as well as their learning capabilities. 

  • Healthy Environment

The outdoor environment in New Zealand is healthy due to the pure air and perfect hygiene. Studying in New Zealand is also beneficial because you’ll have to face no pollution. You can take a breath in a fresh and peaceful environment. 

  • Welcoming People

The people in New Zealand are so cooperative and humble. You as a student enjoy a friendly bond with your fellows, neighbors, and other acquaintances while studying in New Zealand. 

  • New Experiences

The international students also find it interesting to study in New Zealand because they can explore a new sphere of experiences. New people, new affairs, new activities, everything together makes life amazing and keeps students motivated.

  • Career Opportunities

The students of New Zealand can find a number of jobs within the region. Further, a degree from any of the universities of New Zealand opens hundreds of career opportunities for the students. They can have their space in the field of expertise in any corner of the world.

Cons of Studying in New Zealand

Among hundreds of perks and benefits, studying in New Zealand holds some drawbacks too. These cons are stated as follows.

  • Expensive Education

The educational cost in New Zealand is much higher. It is hard to afford the tuition fees for the native students and harder to bear for international students. Moreover, the additional expenses contribute to the financial difficulties of the students. 

  • Doing Job is a Must

In order to bear the educational expense, students especially undergraduates and postgraduates must have to do jobs along with their studies. It becomes much hectic for them to manage both jobs and academics and create anxiety. 

  • Unavailability of Student Loans for International Students

Intentional students cannot get loans for their studies until they become permanent residents of New Zealand. This is a big hindrance in their way to success as it doesn’t let them have equal opportunities which the native students avail. 


The above-mentioned are the truest details about the pros and cons of studying in New Zealand. Now you should be conscious enough to make a wise decision on your own behalf, whether to prefer studying in New Zealand.