3 Potential Problems When Renting A Studio Apartment

Housing problems are an inevitable part of this world. There can be various situations where you can find yourself uncomfortable while renting an apartment. Renting a $1000 rental for studio apartment Singapore units can give you problems in the long run as they are relatively cheaper compared to the average property prices in Singapore. However, you don’t have to worry as there are many ways to overcome these.  One of the best ways to prepare for these problems is to be prepared. That is why in this article we will talk about the 3 potential problems when renting a studio apartment in Singapore

Difficult landlords

One of the most encountered problems of tenants is difficult landlords. They can be a  variety of problems when landlords are not as understanding and considerate as they should be. These landlord-related problems can often be encountered when renting a cheaper unit like a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore. Although not all, the apartments that cost less usually have poorer management. They can also be harder to contact. Thus, making maintenance and other concerns harder to address. 

Other problems that can be encountered with difficult landlords are changing rents or rules. Some landlords change rent fees without prior notice. Some change building rules all of a sudden. This is why it is important to read the contract thoroughly. With these potential problems, it is helpful to hire a Singapore property agent to make sure that you are getting into trusted apartment management. They can also inspect the contract thoroughly.  

Take for example Sarah, who is living in a serviced condominium that costs relatively more expensive than other housing arrangements. There is a high possibility that she has a more reliable landlord and maintenance staff compared to those in $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore units. These kinds of problems can be avoided through the help of a Singapore property agent. 

Poor maintenance

This is something that is connected with having a difficult landlord or apartment management. Poor maintenance branches to more problems than we thought. $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore units that have poor maintenance can encounter pest issues. These can be lizards, cockroaches, or mosquitoes. Poor maintenance can also mean old air conditioning units therefore they break down once in a while. Finding an apartment that costs less but is decent may be a tricky job. That is why a Singapore property agent is essential. Not all $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore units offers this kind of environment. There are still plenty of other options with the same price. You just have to be patient when finding a unit. 

Unwanted neighbors

Another common problem of tenants who live in $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore units is unwanted neighbors. It is common knowledge that you will not get along with everyone you meet in your life. That is why there’s a possibility that you will not get along with your neighbors. One way to prevent this is to find a neighborhood that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. You can ask your Singapore property agent to put you in a neighborhood that is your preference. For example, you can choose an area that is near your workplace. This way, there is a high possibility that your neighbors or people living around you work in the same field or industry. You already have a common ground with your neighbors, thus can prevent unwanted neighbors. 

For example, Meg is a banker and she enjoys the nightlife. This is why she asked her Singapore property agent for an apartment that is near the business districts and has night clubs and amenities around her. By doing this, she met a few new friends in her apartment building that enjoys going out too. Their common interest in clubs and opting to stay in an area near these clubs has made her more comfortable with her apartment neighbors. 

Be prepared

Since these kinds of problems are inevitable, you have to be prepared. In SRX Property, we list down things you must be aware of when renting an apartment in Singapore. Visit us today and know more about your apartment renting in Singapore.