Having A Tree Problem? 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Arborist

Do you know what an arborist is? An arborist is a professional tree expert. They know the science of everything about trees, and they care for them individually. If you have a tree or two in your yard, don’t hesitate to consult an arborist.

Taking care of trees is a good investment, especially nowadays that global warming is gradually felt by everyone. In addition, if a tree dies in your area, there will be a lot of complications to deal with. For example, diseases will scatter that affect other trees and cause them to die, too.

So if you would like to know more about the importance of hiring an arborist, check the list below!

1. They know how to prune

Tree pruning is the cutting of branches or stems that may be infected by diseases or broken. It is necessary to improve the health of the trees, and for maintenance.

When you consult an arborist, they can recommend the technique they can use to prune the tree correctly.

Some trees need pruning because they:

  • Interfere with wires and other parts of the house
  • May harm other plants
  • Are weak and can cause harm to people
  • Need to improve the shape for better growth
  • Were damaged by lightning and other weather conditions.
2. They can handle tree emergencies

Just like people, trees also need emergency services due to several reasons, especially when there’s a storm or an earthquake. Arborists can respond within 24 hours depending on how hazardous the tree can be.

Mild to severe weather conditions may weaken and damage trees. Moreover, these trees can cause harm to people, particularly when they’re about to fall.

If you’re going to deal with the trees yourself, it may not result in a safe procedure. However, if you’re going to contact an arborist, they can do it safely while lowering the risk of having any damages.

3. They know how to remove trees properly

Dead and damaged trees are not just unpleasant to see, but they can also harm other trees and properties. If a tree dies in your yard, you should immediately call for help because it can attract pests, scatter diseases, and damage other plants.

Usually, when trees are not yet dead, arborists do everything they can to avoid tree removal. However, if it’ll result in more damages, they resort to removing them.

Normally, trees are being removed if they are dead, need to be replaced, or located in a busy area. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about the undead trees being removed because they are well-taken care of, and will be placed in a better location.


4. They know how to plant trees

A well-planted tree in a perfect place is one of the specialties of arborists. They can easily determine the right way to plant the specific species. Moreover, they can also take care of the maintenance after planting.

Having a healthy start for trees will help them mature well. Additionally, they’ll also provide a lot of benefits to everyone and everything around them.

5. They know everything about caring for trees

Certified arborists know how to take good care of plants. They can diagnose trees and recommend treatments. From planting to removing, they have tons of knowledge to answer your queries.

6. They are certified

Arborists need certification before they perform any tree-related services. They have to undergo lectures, exams, and hands-on experiences to become International Society of Arboriculture certified.

If you think being an arborist is a piece of cake, then you’re mistaken. They are required to spend at least 3 years in the field to familiarise themself with arboriculture. Furthermore, being updated to current techniques related to the mentioned field is a must.

So, if you’ve decided to hire a certified arborist, there’s no doubt that you’ll encounter a professional.

7. They know other services you don’t even know exist

Aside from planting and pruning trees, they have other services to offer. Some of these services are maintaining trees, adding braces or cables to support weak branches, applying pesticides, and installing protection systems.

When you’ve decided to hire an arborist, check their qualifications first before making deals. You should also know the timeline of the whole process, the total cost, and if the cleaning is included in the service.

Let us know how your first arborist encounter went by leaving a comment below!