Importance of Vastu for Happy Living

Planning to move into a new home? This marks the start of a brand new journey of your life. A new home is a source of joy, celebrations and endless memories you build with your family for a lifetime. Hence, it is crucial to take extra care and precautions while purchasing and designing of the home. Most importantly, you must take Vastu Shastra into consideration. It will help you create a happy positive aura in and around your home and workplace. flats in delhi ncr

Vastu Shastra is considered to be the ancient science of architecture primarily focusing on a special arrangement of surroundings in sync with the elements of nature to attract positive energy, happiness, good fortune, and peace for the owner and occupants.

How Vastu Shastra Work for Home?

By tradition, it is believed that each living and workspace possesses a certain type of energy which has a strong impact on people residing/working in that environment. In most cases, poor Vastu is known to be the major cause of calamities such as stress; poor health, financial crisis, etc. The negative energy of a home arising from Vastu dosh or non-adherence to the principles of Vastu can have a bad impact on residents. property in delhi ncr

Compliance with the principles of this Shastra while designing interiors of your 3 bhk flats in Indirapuram will attract positivity and good vibes to the house. These principles are applicable on all aspects of given living space including the following listed below:

– Main entrance

– Kitchen

– Bathroom

– Bedroom

– Living room

– Kids room

– Powder room

– Courtyard

– Dining room

– Home office

– Much more

The science of Vastu is based on the concept that nature comprises of five elements:

– Water

– Air

– Fire

– Earth

– Space

In a house or a living space, these elements occupy different directions. A professional Vastu expert will create an effective balance between these elements and directions. No wonder most reputed builders including Rishabh group are focusing on incorporating Vastu in their projects. 

Origin of Vastu Shastra

The origin of this science dates back to many thousands of years from Sthapatya Veda, an integral part of Atharva Veda. In fact, references to this ancient art are also found in the great Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. During this period, principles of this science were conscripted keeping in mind, the position of the sun. The art was passed down from one generation to another.

Vastu has always been an integral part of most Indian households. With the passage of time, this architectural science has progressed into covering almost all aspects of living and workspaces real estate companies in delhi ncr


According to experts, Vastu helps make people’s lives better. This is possible via ensuring the best possible usage and appropriate placement of the five elements of nature. Imbalance among these elements may lead to negativity and poor living conditions. Hence, regardless of the size of the home, Vastu can help you reap advantages and ensure a positive happier life.