What Are Fly Ash Bricks Made By Fly Ash Brick Machine In Kolkata?


The fly ash bricks made by the fly ash brick machine in kolkata are more than an alternative to the traditional bricks. Fly ash bricks are made from pulverized and partially burned-up fly ash, which is a byproduct of coal-burning power plants. This means that these bricks are 100% environmentally friendly, and they do not pollute the air in any way. The raw materials used to manufacture these bricks are locally available. Fly ash bricks are of the best quality- more resistant to wear, water absorption, shock, abrasion, and termite attack. These waterproof bricks are easy to make and are energy efficient.


Uses Of These Bricks

Fly ash Bricks are a growing trend in the construction industry. They create a more durable and cost-effective wall system. Fly ash brick is widely used to construct industrial plants, warehouses, power plants, etc. They are economical, have little shrinkage, have excellent strength characteristics, and good thermal properties. Fly cart bricks are made from the fly ash obtained during the burning of thermal or fossil fuels in steam boilers or power plants. Some of the properties of fly cart bricks are high compressive strength, low water absorption characteristics, lightweight, easy transport and handling, and affordable price. They come with thermal insulation properties, which means that they maintain room temperature inside your house even in the harshest weather conditions.


Advantages Of Bricks Made By Fly Ash Brick Machine In Kolkata

There are many benefits to using Fly ash bricks manufactured by a fly ash brick machine in kolkata, which are not available in ordinary bricks. If you live in an area where Fly ash is available, it would be a great idea to use these bricks for construction purposes. These bricks cost less than clay bricks. Moreover, they are lighter too. Due to this reason, the transportation cost is also reduced, which ultimately reduces the overall cost of construction. Due to high strength, fly ash brick withstands all weather conditions, including cyclones and hurricanes. Also, it can withstand high temperatures up to 700 degrees Celsius. Fly ash bricks made by fly ash brick machine manufacturers in kolkata also have many other advantages like lesser water absorption, good bonding between the bricks, high elasticity, etc. The good bonding between the bricks causes less wastage of cement compared to that of clay bricks.


Why Use Fly Ash Bricks Instead Of Traditional Clay Bricks?

There are many advantages of fly ash brick over clay brick.  Fly ash bricks produced by a fly ash brick making machine in kolkata are environment-frienh brick over clay brick.  Fly ash bricks produced by a fly ash brick making machine in kolkatadly because the maximum constituent is fly ash. Fly ash bricks have greater strength as compared to red bricks. There is no need for chemical materials in the process of preparing fly ash bricks. We can choose to fly ash brick which is the best brick for home construction. Fly ash bricks are made from the bottom-most layer of burnt coal, getting from burning coal in thermal power plants. It contains a high percentage of silicon, iron, calcium, aluminum oxide, and silicates, making it very strong and durable. It was found that fly ash bricks are stronger than red ones up to 70%. Fly ash brick does not absorb water, and thus, there will be fewer chances of getting damaged by water and moisture. Also, fly ash bricks do not require any chemical material while preparing them, and thus we can save money on them. There is no harmful effect on health while using fly ash bricks as it does not contain any toxic material such as mercury, chlorides or fluoride, etc.