10 SEO Techniques to Improve Your Rank!

To be one of the top among the search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) must be one of your priorities. Most people just search the first page of the search engine and go away. The second and third pages are not viewed or clicked by anyone.  So, an updated and better form of SEO is essential from your side to stand out among the crowd.

So, are you looking for the best SEO techniques? It’s not too late now; follow the below-mentioned SEO techniques suggested by the SEO companies in Dubai to improve your rankings.


1. Work upon your page loading speed

Page loading speed is very essential in improving your rankings. Google could easily recognize a page with a slow loading speed and harm your ranking.  If the page loads up fastly, Google will identify it and improve your rankings. You can test the speed of the website in Pingdom used by the SEO agency in Dubai and if the speed is slow then check out your website plugins and themes.

2. Go for High-quality content 

Updating your website on a timely basis is essential. To increase the amount of traffic and to gain high popularity, the visitors should reach your website. For that better quality and recent content is essential. How much time each visitor spends at your website is also an important factor to be considered.  For that, you have to display interesting and unique information.

3. Image optimization 

Images are essential in any website. To improve your SEO ranking, image optimization is an important factor to be considered. File format and size are important here. Very huge types of images will affect the page loading speed and it will hurt your SEO rankings. Always compress or resize your images. The best SEO Company in Dubai tries to include keywords in the title, captions, and the description of the images.

4. Blogging

Blogging is essential for your business. You could engage with the visitors and also obtain a  better lead generation. Through blogs, you could provide better and fresh contents which are interesting to the users. Once you gain the support of the viewers, everyday traffic is easy to accomplish. Links, keywords, and better information could be incorporated into the blog posts.

5. Optimize your website for the mobile devices

Today mobile devices are more in use. Most of the searches come from mobile devices. Google finds it out and ranks the sites appropriately. So, for mobile users, the websites must be optimized. The top SEO Company in Dubai gives high priority to this technique.

 6. Make use of social media

Being active on social media is important nowadays. One should provide links, images, and attractive images through social media. People click on the links and share them. Thereby you could improve your website traffic.  So, try to bring up informative and creative posts.

7. Make use of the keywords 

Keywords are an important part of SEO. Include words that people commonly search for content. SEO consultant Dubai suggest that you should not upload your content with a huge number of keywords. Fitthekeywords to appropriate sentences and include them in image captions and header tags. Long keywords are also good for your content. Once your keywords match the search, your website will get ranked higher.

8. Create better meta descriptions 

Optimizing the meta descriptions is necessary. They should be short, unique, and good in the description. Google suggests that 160 characters or fewer should be included in the meta descriptions. Also, it should include keywords.  From the SEO perspective, meta descriptions are important. So, do it wisely.

9. Remove unnecessary code

Code is good for any website. But too much of anything is not good. The presence of excess code will cause the websites to take more time to crawl up. Always the code present must be lightweight, hence improving your website load time. SEO companies in Dubai work with the coders and improve the overall functioning of the website.

10. Set up on Google Business 

Local SEO is essential for your business. So, set up an account on Google business. Here you could include contact info, add the images, edit the information on your business, monitor out the reviews, and much more. This is an advantage over your competitors.


SEO is not a one-day process. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to improve your SEO. So, if you start focusing on SEO, rely upon the best SEO Company in Dubai for the process and to improve your website rankings. The above-mentioned SEO techniques are popular and are used commonly by companies. So, a better form of ranking and gaining popularity is not far away. Achieve an improved SEO through the above mentioned SEO techniques.