SEO Versus Other Online Marketing Techniques

Online marketing lead generation is an important part of running an online business. You need to generate new leads for a website because this means that there will be a steady stream of traffic to your site. What’s more, assuming that your lead generation efforts are high quality, it means that the traffic you enjoy will be targeted too. Targeted traffic is typically more responsive than generic traffic so this represents a major benefit. There are numerous ways in which you can embark on lead generation for your site.

White Label SEO (Search Engine Optimisation}

White Label Search engine optimisation is a beneficial and effective means of generating website traffic. It leads to the delivery of targeted traffic and if you’re looking to increase the number of high quality leads you have then this targeting is especially useful. Make sure you use the most appropriate keywords for the best results and also be certain that you direct traffic to the relevant pages and through what should be a purchasing funnel.

White Label SEO is simply outsourcing your SEO to other SEO companies, which will take off the pressure of you delivering a service you know little about. These white label SEO services will offer SEO to your clients websites at a resellers rate, leaving you only having to deal with your clients expectations.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

For all of the benefits that SEO has to offer, it also has its pitfalls and shortcomings. Its biggest shortcoming is the length of time it takes before you are likely to start seeing results. It can take weeks or months before you receive your first visitors from the search engine results. PPC can be used to create traffic and leads almost straight away as long as your keywords are popular enough and you have the budget.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media marketing can provide you with access to traffic sources that you would not otherwise be able to approach. It also enables you to start communicating with your new leads straight away and this has helped make it extremely popular as a means of lead generation. However, results can vary and unless you are experienced at social media marketing you are unlikely to enjoy the best possible results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been considered the most viable and most beneficial form of online lead generation. You can target specific demographics and groups of people and you can pre-sell them on the products or services that you are promoting. This pre-selling increases the likelihood that you will make a sale and will almost certainly reduce bounce rates and other metrics. You do need to make sure that your email marketing is very high quality and that you do not spam recipients.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another highly effective form of lead generation. You can enjoy the benefits of having some of the Internet’s best marketers working on your behalf to attract qualified and targeted leads to the most important pages of your website. Put together an attractive commission program, join a high quality network and let professional marketers do the work on your behalf.