Be aware of your company during a lockdown?

With the majority of Australian businesses still being affected by the lockdown currently in various states. It is an extremely stressful and stressful time for small-scale business owners. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding when businesses will be able to re-open but also if restrictions ease it is likely that there will continue to be a concern about additional lockdown in the coming years. Comlink bundle offers ADT security system for business.


In addition to losing livelihood, security is an additional concern. Since more and more people work at home and have fewer chances for home burglaries, vacant commercial buildings are a prime victim of crime.

A back-to-base security system that is monitored and has remote surveillance features can provide assurance and peace of mind. With just one less issue to worry about businesses can be able to keep watchful of their property anytime to ensure that it’s safe and secure even when they’re not on the premises.

ADT Security

ADT Security’s variety of surveillance and CCTV solutions are customized to suit the specific needs of each business. Solutions can include internal and external video cameras or NVRs, or network video devices (NVR) and all ADT Security solutions providing 24/7 monitoring and interactive capabilities with an ADT app that sends an alert on a regular basis should movement be detected in the building.

Businesses are protected round the clock, businesses are assured that should an emergency occur, for example, a petty break-in, the ADT Security team of emergency responders will be on hand to take action and promptly inform you. If necessary the need arises, the ADT Patrol service could be sent to the location to conduct an investigation.

If your business was locked down, take a look at these security tips to keep your property safe.

Make sure all windows and doors are secured and locked

Businesses are closing and there’s nobody around to lock them up to make sure the exit and entry points are secured, including doors, windows and gates. It is also recommend to close blinds in order to stop the eyes of anyone who is watching out for items worth a purchase if they’re easily visible from windows.

Assess your assets and return the valuables

Create a list of the things you value and then take the most valuable items that can be easily transported. It is also recommend to inquire with your employees. Whether they’ve left any valuable items left behind. So that you can arrange the security of it or arrange the delivery via contactless. It’s also advisable to examine your insurance policy to make sure that it’s current. If you’re a retail store and you have a cash register that is empty, leaving it open sends a clear message that there’s not any cash in the store.

Locks should be changed in the event that keys are lost

If keys were lost over the years or weren’t return by former employees. You should consider changing the locks to secure the property from unwelcome entry. Also, ensure that spare keys are secured and aren’t left on property or inside vehicles.

Even though. We might be a bit unsure during a lock-down situation, having the ability to monitor your company in real-time. Through the ADT app can make us feel a bit more at ease. The ADT app does not just allow users to view your business from anywhere. Even capture videos and save them when needed. This can prove useful for incident confirmation as well as for insurance purposes.

If you’re in the market to improve the security of your business or are concerned about your business’s security during the lockdown we can assist you. Call us on (855)-701-1789.

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