Choose between an electronic lock or a mechanical lock.

An electronic lock or mechanical lock? 

Modern security is constantly evolving. The latest technologies introduce new ways to protect your assets. The standard mechanical devices are quickly replaced by the electronic lock, many wonders which device is the most reliable.

Here are the pros and cons of these two locking systems to help home and business owners decide which device is best for them and will provide the best security for their property.

The Mechanical lock:

These types of locks work 100 percent without electricity or any battery. They have been around for hundred plus of years and are often a lasting solution for simple security needs.

The disadvantages include:

  • Technology has stalled and is falling behind on the latest security requirements.,
  • Opening a high security mechanical lock can sometimes be a slow process and require you to start over and over again,
  • Need professional help in case of the device malfunction,
  • Unauthorized key duplications can leave your business vulnerable without your realizing it,
  • Mechanical locks do not allow verification of when the door was opened and by whom it was opened.

Whenever keys are lost, stolen, and duplicated without authorization, you incur the cost of changing each lock to which the key gives access!

Here are the advantages:

  • These are reliable and proven solutions since the 1800s,
  • The material tends to last a long time without requiring major repair work,
  • It does not require a power supply,
  • Often a weatherproof solution,
  • Most of the employees have a good understanding of operating mechanical locking mechanisms.
Electronic lock:

New security threats mean that new security technologies must be implemented to address these weaknesses. In addition, standard mechanical locks can quickly cause inefficiency in business operations and are limited in their function. In addition, their correct maintenance is expensive.

The disadvantages include:

  • Need access to  electricity  via a battery or other,
  • If you lose the power, you might temporarily lose the ability to open the  lock,
  • May require employee training to operate,
  • It may be necessary to change the batteries regularly,
  • Many best options and features associated with adding an electric lock to your home or business often require professional assistance in choosing the best option.

Here are the advantages:

  • Increased security thanks to more lock combinations than  standard mechanical locks,
  • Easily add or modify combinations,
  • Easy access and the possibility of working in the dark,
  • Weather resistance options,
  • Add, block or transfer users with specific access capacities,
  • Monitor access by time of day,
  • Have a register indicating who accessed the information and when,
  • Can often operate self-service locks and make changes without paying for additional help,
  • Can integrate other hardware such as intercoms and  surveillance cameras
What is the next step after installing the electronic lock?

Professional locksmiths can install an electronic lock with an intuitive system for using regular locks and keys. You can locks or unlock the doors and give your new employees immediate access to the areas they need.

Whether it’s a lock replacement, lock change, shielding, key, or old key card system, if you fall for one of the reasons we have spoken. Maybe it’s time to consider a new security solution.

Some locksmiths teams are there to help you make the best decisions about your priorities. Call our Locksmith near me Tampa bay company for any affordable locksmith Tampa troubleshooting to perform a quick and efficient intervention!

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