Secrets to Monitoring Employees from Home

Secrets to Monitoring Employees from Home

Some employees believe that if the employer is not in the office no one is watching them. They do not have any concern with the managers, neither they are worried about the HR department. Well, if the employer is not in the office due to any reason, employees feel like having a fun day.

That is one of the main reasons why employers want to monitor employees. Certainly, employees never appreciate an employer monitoring them. They look for ways to stop the monitoring process. However, employees should not that monitoring is allowed by law. Hence, if it is done right, there is no issue in it.

Besides, what other things make an employer monitor his employees? We have discussed that ahead!

Reasons for Monitoring Employees:

One of the notable business readers tells that there are 5 reasons why employers may monitor their employees. Those are:

  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Protection of hardware and software
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Employees’ performance
  • Productivity of business

All of these reasons are understandable and make sense. Certainly, they all are in favor of the business. Further, as long as the businesses are there, jobs will remain open. Else, there will be only famine. So to make sure that the business is running fine, an employer needs to monitor employees. Employees are like blood in the organization that make it afloat. If any germ enters the blood, then the entire body may suffer.

However, there is a problem! Employers are humans and they even fall sick, they have to attend a funeral or they have to travel out of the city. Then how will they continue the monitoring? If in their absence something bad happens to the business, then who shall bear the brunt?

Indeed, if any unfortunate happening takes place, the entire burden will fall onto the shoulders of employers.

That means, employers need to be in the office 24/7 and 365 days a year, and one more day in a leap year. It is surely not possible, so how the employers may leave the office?

OgyMogy Lets You Take a Break:

Do you know about OgyMogy? It is an employee monitoring app that works as a ghost. It is years-long track is full of success stories. Well, why do not you take the lead with OgyMogy and give a hard time to your competitors?

To make you understand it clearly, let us use the reasons for monitoring employees mentioned above and explain it with OgyMogy.

Protection from Lawsuits: The business law is full of information, and a person who is not an attorney cannot have complete information on the law. But employers know some basics that are essential for them to abide by the law. For instance, sending a courteous email to the debtors to pay off their debt per the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act). However, if an employee deliberately or mistakenly sent a harsh email, that may cause trouble for the business. The employer can save his business by stopping that email. Though the employer cannot jump into the email server and push back the email. Instead, the OgyMogy screen recorder shows the live screens of the employees to the employer and he can see what is being done.

Protection of Hardware and Software: Computers are not cheap. When the employer has to spend tens of thousands of dollars just on the computers and software, then he will never want to have any trouble in them. However, employees do know what is the price of every software and hardware but they less care about the office equipment. They may visit an explicit site and bring in a malware corrupting the entire system. So OgyMogy, lets the employer see which sites his employees are visiting. Accordingly, he can ask his IT department to block those sites. Also, the employer can form a policy not to visit such sites.

Protection of Intellectual Property: Intellectual property will always remain at stake as long as business competition is active. Businesses tend to follow the principles of corporate espionage to steal the intellectual property of their competitors. However, if the target business has OgyMogy then it is surely impossible for the competitor to put hands on the intellectual property.

Employees’ Performance: This is among the main reasons why employers monitor employees. They want employees to do what they are assigned. If not then that will benefit none of the parties. Well, OgyMogy ensures employers that they see everything that their employees do in the entire day. Following that, employers can ask the managers to coach their team members.

The productivity of Business: This is another main reason that makes employers monitor employees. They want productivity in their business, and that happens with the sheer effort of the entire team. OgyMogy enables the employer to keep tabs on their team members and help them out wherever they need.

Well, you can do all of this while sitting at home. That is simply because OgyMogy works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Whatever you use, you can see what your employees are doing.