What Are PPC Campaigns Ads Implementations By Google Funded Ads?

PPC Campaigns Ads, Google AdWords, is the Google ads system where advertisers bid for specific keywords so that their clickable ads appear in Google search results.

The way it works is simple: When users search for a keyword, they get the results of their query in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These results could include a paid ad targeting that keyword. This we can say digital marketing campaigns can be on peak to generate business revenue

How much does a PPC Campaigns AdWords ad cost?

Many factors affect AdWords ad costs:

Google Ads relies on an auction system that rewards companies that have high-quality ad campaigns with lower costs and better ad position.

You can practice how your budget is spent on Google Ads by using methods such as ad scheduling, geo targeting and device targeting.

The average CPC in Google Ads ranges in among $ 1 and $ 2 on the Search Network.

Normally common CPC on the Display Network is under $ 1.

The several important keywords in Google Ads cost $ 50 or more by click.

These keywords are generally highly competitive in industries with high age values, such as legality and protection.

Giant retailers can consume up to $ 50 million annually on paid searches in Google Ads.

The ordinary small business using Google Ads spends between $ 9,000 and $ 10,000 per month on Google Paid Search campaigns or $ 100,000 to $ 120,000 per year.

How to use PPC Campaigns AdWords?

Step # 1: Create Account Goals:

What is the primary purpose of the account? Why use AdWords? E-Commerce? Brand building?

How your account is structured and what features you use will depend on the account’s purpose.

Step # 2: Define your audience:

What do your ideal customers do? Where do they do it? When are they actively searching? On what device?

To develop clients and define your audience, check these things out.

Step # 3: Conducting a Keyword Research:?

By offering on keywords associated to your profession, you can place your ads in search results when people search for what you offer.

Keyword tools can help you discover the cost, competition, and volume of search terms at each stage of your sales funnel.

Step # 4: Determine your budget and bids:

You have identified the keywords you want to bid on if your average CPC seems too high, get a fine detail: Volume will decrease, but cost will.

Make sure you spend most of your AdWords budget on high-converting keywords! But give way to testing and branding, too.

Step # 5: structuring the account? .

Your account consists of campaigns, each with distinct goals.

Within each campaign, you need tightly knit ad groups, each containing a few keywords and highly relevant ads.

Types of PPC Campaigns ads campaigns:

As of 2021, Google Adwords Ads allows you to choose from five different campaign types :

  1. Search Network.
  2. Search Network with Display Network Identification (SNDS).
  3. Display Network.
  4. Video (YouTube).
  5. Shopping advertisement.
  6.  General apps campaign .

Choosing the campaign type is your first step in displaying ads, so we will show every kind of advertisement here in detail, God Almighty willing.

Each campaign type contains secondary features that expand or reduce the campaign’s functionality.

(Like Standard, all features, mobile app installs, dynamic search ads, call-only, marketing goals, etc.).

Here, we will show you the advertising types in detail:

  1. Search Network:?

Search Network (SN) campaigns only allow you to display text ads on search engine result pages.

Implementing Google-funded ads

PPC Campaigns features:

It is more comprehensive than SNDS, it also includes mobile app installs, mobile app interaction, dynamic search ads, and connectivity.

Sn has two campaign-type feature options:?

  1. Standard” setting “Standard” to enable ad extensions most commonly used (site links, location, and call), will work and hides advanced settings (ad scheduling, rotation, and dynamic ads on the search network options, and the URL of the campaign).
  2. All features“: The features include five additions, two of which are more than SNDS (annotation, excerpts).

The Search Network is a excellent place to promote for a wide range of businesses and is particularly good for local businesses.

When should you use SN ads?

  1. First: According to the budget.
  2. Second: It is the appropriate choice for most companies, where the advertisement reaches or results from the search engine.
  3. Third: If you want to advertise on Google Maps.
  4. Fourth: If you’re going to pay to get to # 1 on Google search results.
  5. Search Network with SNDS:

This type of ad has the broadest reach for all campaign types, including text ads on search results pages and websites in the Google Display Network (GDN).

In other words, SNDS reuses text ads in responsive banner ads and places them on websites.

It’s not as good as creating your own display ads, but it is a fast and efficient way to display ads on it.

SNDS has two campaign type feature options:

  1. Standard”: Setup “Standard” to enable ad extensions most commonly used (site links, location, and call), will work and hides advanced settings (ad scheduling, rotation, and dynamic ads on the search network options, and the URL of the campaign).
  2. All Features“: The planned “Standard” features view is somewhat less intimidating and a good choice for new Ad words users.
  1. If the budget is medium to large.
  2. Small industry niche.
  3. The target geographical area is small.
  4. If your campaign budget does not reach the budget for the search network.


  1. Display Network:?

The Display Network (DN) is popular for displaying display ads, and has more than a million websites to display ads on.

Features are slightly different from Premium and begin with ‘Marketing Objectives’ or ‘No Marketing Objective’.

If you select “Marketing Goals,” you will be able to create your campaign based on awareness (impressions). Impact (visits or interaction), or actions (buying, calling, or visiting a site). All of this we will know in the Create an Ad on Google section.

You will adjust the points by seo expert on the page on which you want to place your ad better by creating this type of campaign.