Accidents and Breakdown with a Rental Car

Accidents and breakdowns with a rental car are situations we don’t like to go through, especially if we are super excited about the vacation trip. No one wants to be involved in an accident, have a car breakdown or a flat tire, but these situations can happen to anyone. And no matter how busy you are planning your vacation, staying informed and knowing what to do in such unexpected situations should also be part of your Plan B.

Accidents and Breakdown with a Rental Car


First of all, in the event of a road accident, you need to act fast. The most important thing to do is make sure everyone is safe and sound. Check for injuries and find a safe place to stay. You may need to call the emergency service, so remember to write down your local emergency number before you travel. Hopefully you won’t need the number, but it’s always good to have it on hand!car rentals

After making sure everyone is safe and well, take pictures of the accident scene and any affected cars or objects. These photos can be of utmost importance later on as valuable evidence needed for the insurance claim.


In cases of accident or theft with the rental Birmingham car service, the lessee must inform the rental company and the local authorities within 24 hours of the occurrence. Of course, the ideal is to inform the rental company immediately so that it can provide road assistance. And if you notice any damage that was not previously noticed, for example when picking up the vehicle, also inform the rental company.


Sometimes it can happen that you come back to the parking lot after a good walk around town and find your rental car scratched, damaged or dented. The guilty person got away and you end up with a damage car without being blame for it. And now?

In an aggravating situation like this, or in the event of further damage to the car and in the event of a collision with the property of a third party, the renter must file a police report within 24 hours of the incident and inform the rental company as soon as possible. .

Always inform the local authorities and the rental company, even if you think the damage was minimal. Otherwise, your deductible refund request may be denied.


Another important point to keep in mind is the repairs and replacement of parts in the car after an accident of any severity. The rental company must always give its consent and authorization for the concert before any work carried out on the rental car.


Assuming that you have purchased extra coverage for your rental, such as the Excess Refund offered by BLUE NILE LIVERY, and now you want to request a refund of the amount paid to the rental company for the damages.

It is extremely important to remember that in all cases of accidents involving third parties, the renter must contact the local police immediately and send the police report to Blue Nile Livery.

Don’t forget to collect all data and details about the third party involved. Also, remember to immediately inform the rental company and Blue Nile Livery of what has happened.

To request a deductible refund, please contact us via the website, complete the Deductible Refund Form with all the details and send it to us along with all necessary and relevant documentation.


Getting stuck on the road because of a flat tire is far from every tourist’s dream. If you happen to get a flat tire during your trip, you’ll likely find the spare tire in the Miami rental car service and be able to change it. For more serious problems or breakdowns, call roadside assistance and/or the rental company. Before making your reservation, find out about the different types of coverage and deductible protection offered by Blue Nile Livery and the rental company.

Now that you well informed about what to do in the event of an accident or breakdown, you can travel worry-free. Blue Nile Livery wishes you a good trip!