BB, CC, and DD Creams – The Difference You Need To Know

Not a fan of the creamy, smooth complexion you receive after using your foundation or foundation concealer? This tinted moisturizer cream is the quickest and most convenient method to get dewy skin without bothering with foundation, primer, or serum. When you need to get to work fast, CC and BB cream make it possible to get ready in a short amount of time. Nothing is more complicated than taking a drop of the cream and applying it to your face, then blending it with your finger or a blender. You don’t even have to use powder to get this look. 

Despite the fact that it does not conceal your skin’s blemishes, it does help to level out your complexion. There are a variety of BB and CC creams available to suit different skin types and complexions. The DD cream is the most recent addition to the range in terms of new products. The following is the distinction between BB, CC, and DD creams.

BB Creams (also known as “Beauty Balms”)

BB’s abbreviation refers to “beauty balm” or “blemish balm.” BB creams are a moisturizer and light foundation formula that gives light, moisturizing coverage to produce a flawless, radiant base while also providing additional skincare benefits such as SPF or antioxidants, depending on the brand you choose purchase. So, you have to choose bb cream or foundation for your skin. 

Benefits of BB Cream

  • Blending base creams (BB creams) such as the Dr.Jart+ BB Cream are excellent for all skin types, especially for combination skin. 
  • They give thicker coverage than your ordinary tinted moisturizer but not quite the amount of coverage provided by traditional foundations.
  • Despite the fact that these creams frequently claim to have a high SPF, be cautious about relying too much on that figure! According to research, most women don’t use tinted BB creams as liberally as they would colorless sunscreen. 
  • To achieve the most protection and coverage from an all-in-one BB cream, apply a full 14 teaspoon of the product to your face.

What Exactly Is CC Cream?

Color-correcting cream, often known as CC cream or ‘color-correction cream,’ has long been a popular cosmetic necessity in Asia and Europe. Unlike multifunctional BB creams, CC creams focus on the color-correcting aspect of the product. The fundamental function of a CC cream is to balance out uneven texture and tone of the skin. While BB cream is similar to a light foundation, CC cream does not give complete coverage, but you may use it to conceal redness, pigmentation, and spots on the skin. 

Why People Love CC Cream?

Hyperpigmented skin requires a CC cream. Its matte texture offers the skin a smooth and gently veiled appearance while providing modest concealment. Even while CC cream will not function as a three-in-one product for you, it may perform double duty and serve as a foundation if you are comfortable with an ultra-light version of a foundation. It has quickly become a favorite since it effectively conceals blemishes and redness without feeling heavy. CC creams have a more whipped, airy, and fluffy texture and finish than other types of creams. To buy it, you need to understand the difference between cc cream vs foundation

Several users have described it as an enhanced form of BB cream. In addition, some manufacturers include SPF in their sunscreens, such as their CC cream. Although a beauty blender is the preferred method of application, you may also use your fingers to broaden the coverage of CC cream in the absence of one.


Creamy and dense in texture

And now it’s time to prepare for DD creams! It is known as Daily Defense and as “dynamic do all,”. It is the newest addition to the alphabet cream brigade. In the same way, BB creams and CC creams enhance the advantages of basic tinted moisturizers by including primer, antioxidants, and sun protection. DD creams enhance those benefits by including anti-aging chemicals that help smooth your skin and decrease fine wrinkles. Furthermore, as compared to other creams, it is far lighter. 

Benefits of DD Cream

DD Creams are beneficial for ladies who want anti-aging remedies to conceal lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Because this cream has a thicker texture, it gives more coverage while also being more suitable for dry and slightly aged skin. It also helps to keep moisture in the skin, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin. You can buy all Korean beauty products online.

What the distinctions are between these three goods?

Now that you are familiar with and understand how these three products operate. Please get knowledge about the significant differences between them using the table below:


BB Cream-: BB creams are used as a tinted moisturizer, a lightweight foundation, and a sunscreen all in one product.

CC Cream-: CC creams are used to color correct discoloration or hyperpigmentation on the skin’s surface layer. These products also perform the same functions as BB cream.

DD Cream-: DD creams are a hybrid of BB and CC creams in one product. As a result, they perform comparable functionalities. On the other hand, their anti-aging qualities distinguish them from these two products.

Suitability for different skin types

BB Cream-: This product is especially well-suited for dry skin since it includes high concentrations of humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine.

CC Cream-This product is especially well-suited for oily skin types because of its matte and pore-minimizing texture.

DD Cream-: Because of the qualities of BB and CC creams, DD creams are suited for people with all skin types.


BB Cream-: Compared to foundations, BB creams provide light to medium skin coverage and support skincare.

CC Cream-: CC creams provide medium to high skin coverage, depending on the formula.

DD Cream-: DD creams provide sheer coverage that focuses on an evening out the skin tone and minimization of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.