How To Become The Star of a Party

Even if the holiday party is not themed, no one will call the image of the modern Snow Queen inappropriate. The emphasis in it is on the eyes – a bright make-up in blue tones will suit girls with blue, green or gray eyes. The main beauty product that will come in handy will be blue cream or loose shade with shimmer.

How to do it: First, use a mattifying or smoothing base to give your skin a uniform tone. Apply foundation or BB cream, and then on the lids with a flat brush. The colors of the cold palette are suitable: blue, blue, lilac, under the eyebrow – satin, white, creamy silver shadows or a cold highlighter.

If the shower requires more shine, add glitter or rhinestones to the eyelids – you are a queen, you can. Cover your lashes with mascara and your lips with a sheer care balm.

How to add: To accentuate the cool shimmer of the shadows, choose earrings with stones of a similar shade – for example, topaz.

“When I appear on the red carpet without a smoky ice, I feel literally naked,” – said in a recent interview, Kim Kardashian. And the best celebrity makeup artist Los Angeles and many girls agree with her: a smoky eye make-up can literally transform the simplest image if you didn’t have time to do the styling or choose an evening dress.

How to do it: The classic smoky ice version assumes that you will use shades of silver or black. But this year, one of the most popular combinations was the gold and plum combination. Use a moisturizing foundation, then apply the lightest bronzer to your cheekbones.

Apply golden shadows to the entire surface of the eyelid fold, then plum shadows on the outer corner. Blend the border with the brush. With a plum, wine, or just a dark brown pencil, draw thin lines along the mucous membrane of the upper and lower eyelids. For a finishing touch, coat your lips with a layer of milk chocolate matte lipstick.

What to add: makeup colors are in perfect harmony with jewelry made of gold with amethysts – this image is especially suitable for owners of brown eyes.

It has ceased to be exclusively a fashion trend: now monochrome is increasingly used when creating a beauty image. This means that you only have to use one color pigment – for example, lipstick or eyeshadow.

How to do it: Pure matte skin should be the basis for a monochrome make-up. It is better to mask enlarged pores, acne and oily sheen with a foundation or a medium density concealer. If you have isolated inflammations on your face, you can replace the tone with a spot application of the corrector. Apply a matte brown shade to the eyelids and lips, and cover the lashes with voluminous mascara of the same color.

What to add: discreet makeup requires bright accessories. We suggest playing in contrast – earrings with pendants made of emerald or sapphire will add the desired accent.

For the face, we recommend using a light gel base with tint properties. Use your fingertips to apply translucent champagne-colored shadows to the upper eyelids – they are especially loved by Hollywood makeup artists for giving the look a shine and hiding fine wrinkles in the eyelid area. Cover your lips with a layer of pale pink lipstick with a slightly damp finish.

How to add: delicate earrings with a scattering of chrysolites will perfectly complement the image of the goddess emerging from the foam.

After you blend the tone with a sponge or beauty blender, start your eyelid makeup. Apply to the upper eyelid and under the brow with a patting motion. Take blue mascara and work with it not only eyelashes, but also eyebrows. Lips can be left without makeup or covered with a sheer gloss.

 It is not enough just to make up the eyelids or lips with a suitable shade – a real disco queen will appreciate only a non-standard approach to the image.