How to Safely Bleach Hair Bundles

If you recently bought hair bundles and you are thinking about lightening the hair, then bleaching them is a good option. Before we delve into this article it is important to note that it is recommended to bleach natural color bundles only. 

Trying to bleach hair bundles that have already gone through a dying or bleaching process can cause permanent damage to the hair strands. Also, the bleaching process can only be used on 100% Human Hair. Blended and synthetic hair is not suitable for bleaching.

Safety precautions before bleaching hair

Before beginning, be sure to use gloves. Bleach can be very harsh on the skin and gloves will protect your skin from direct contact with the product. It can also cause an allergic reaction, so be careful when using bleach. Bleach can also cause discoloration of fabrics and counters, so be sure to wear a protective apron and cover counters with protective plastic before starting.

Before you bleach your human hair bundle, you should prepare the necessary tools. Wearing plastic gloves while applying bleach and while washing it out is crucial for your safety. If you prefer, you can wear disposable gloves instead to protect your skin from staining and from allergic reactions. Also, make sure that you perform this task in a well-ventilated area and never bleach hair that has already been previously bleached.

Test levels of developer before bleaching

To avoid damaging your bundles, it’s best to test the developer levels on a small portion of the hair before you begin your first bleaching session. Developer is a type of oxidant that is an essential part of hair dyes. There are various strengths of developer. The most common levels are 10 Vol., 20 Vol., 30 Vol., and 40 Vol. 

Once you have the right amount of developer, you can mix the bleach powder with it. Developers come in different levels, and the higher the developer level, the more peroxide will be present in your tresses. For instance, if you want to bleach the hair a subtle blonde, you should opt for a 10 volume developer, while if you want to significantly lighten the color of your tresses, use 40 volume. Before beginning, make sure the hair is completely dry for best results.

Bleaching the hair

Now that you have your station set up with protective plastic and you are wearing all of your protective gear, you can now proceed with bleaching. 

Bleaching the hair

First, make sure that the hair is thoroughly combed and detangled before proceeding. Lay the bundles flat on the plastic-covered surface.  If you want to bleach from root to tip, then it is best to unravel the bundles. If you want to bleach only the ends, then you can leave the bundles intact as you bought them. This is best for easy, quicker, and even distribution of the bleach.

Once the bundles are prepared, you want to mix the developer and the bleaching powder in a mixing bowl using a spatula or dye brush applicator. If you are bleaching from root to tip, start your brush stroke at the root and work your way toward the ends in quick vertical motions. Use a light hand when applying the bleach. Work as quickly as you can because the bleach starts working from the time it touches the hair on the first stroke. Avoid stopping midway and continue from start to finish. Once you have completed one bundle, move on to other bundles if you wish while keeping a close eye on the ones which are already processing.

If you are bleaching the hair bundles Ombre, start about 1/3rd way down the hair shaft and brushstroke down toward the ends. While you are working use vertical motions at the beginning point. Doing this creates in natural transition from the natural color to the bleached area so that you are not left with a harsh horizontal line. This allows for better blending and will give the bundles a more natural-looking finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and leave to process for the allotted time.

Protective measures after bleaching

Taking precautions after bleaching your hair is essential. Bleaching hair damages the bonds in the hair, causing it to snap or split if precautions are not taken. To prevent this from happening, you can use a Bond Builder Restructuring Treatment. This treatment strengthens existing bonds and reconnects broken ones. You can also use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after bleaching to keep your hair healthy and shiny.