Things To Know About Jade Eye Masks

Jade eye masks have been used by Queens for many years as these masks are well known for calming and healing properties. This intricately woven jade eye mask made with a hundred percent A-grade jade is an excellent healing item that supplements every beauty regimen. Jade eye masks help release healing power into the kidneys, gall bladder, and liver. Healing these stressed organs slows down the cell aging process and helps purify the human body’s lymphatic system. The heaviness and coolness of the jade stone in the jade eye mask help close pores, relieve sinus problems, reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Also, excellent use for meditation, the jade eye mask helps calm the soul and bring about tranquillity and deep relaxation.

How To Keep The Jade Eye Mask Safe?

The Jade stone is naturally cold to touch. Nevertheless, putting the jade eye mask in the fridge before using it will make an additional nice treat. The Chi jade eye mask can also be used warmly by soaking it simply in warm water for a concise span of time. Please ensure that the jade eye mask is dry and not too warm for the skin before laying it over it. Whether cool or hot, you will feel that your tensions fall and your soul gets rejuvenated after using the jade eye mask.

Pros and cons of Jade eye masks
Might Help Reduce Puffiness

Everything cool applied to human skin might temporarily help calm swelling by cutting down inflammation and reducing blood vessels. Cool bandages could come in ice packs, chilled washcloths, a cold water splash, or a cold stone found in the jade eye mask. It is better to stash a jade eye mask in the fridge beforehand to help maximize its puff decreasing abilities. The cool jade eye mask feels soothing, but its anti-swelling advantages are admittedly temporary and mild.

Might Enhance Circulation

Fluid retention, additional intake of salt, poor sleep, infectious disease, illness, and other factors could slow down blood circulation or increase swelling in the neck and head. This often manifests as dark circles or swelling under the eyes. Massage with the help of jade eye masks might enhance lymphatic damage and blood flow, helping in funneling additional fluid out of the back, neck, and head into blood circulation.

Can Spread Germs

Wear jade eye masks may contribute to breakouts, inflammation in hair follicles, or infectious diseases such as herpes simplex and cold sore virus. Therefore, before wearing any jade eye mask, wash it with alcohol, a gentle cleanser, or chlorhexidine and apply it only to clean and intact skin.

Do Not Wear Jade Eye Masks Over Enlarged Lymph Nodes

More than 300 of these small glands exist in our neck and head. They are an essential part of the immune defense system of the human body against diseases, germs, and cancers. If a person feels enlarged, swollen, firm, or rubbery lymph nodes in their face or somewhere else, then he or she should not wear jade eye masks and consult a physician

As a Jade Eye Mask Manufacturer, you should give the information given above to your customers so that your manufactured jade masks do not create problems for people and your reputation gets improved.