Why Jade Roller And Gua Sha Tool Was Used In Ancient China?

The concern for beauty and cosmetics in order to enhance your looks had always been there for centuries. Even the religious rituals talked about enhancing the beauty and promoting good health. Though not like now, the usage of cosmetics throughout history can be seen as a civilization’s practical concern. Even in ancient times, there were concepts such as protection from the sun, the indication of class, or resolutions of beauty.

A little History About Gua Sha Tool:

Cosmetics have been helping people in enhancing their looks for ages. From the era of ancient Rome and the Greeks till today, makeup and skincare products have always played an important role in enhancing beauty. However, apart from just enhancing the looks, there are many additional aspects and benefits of makeup that need to be deserved and to be noticed. Cosmetics and skincare products are not just used to enhance your appearance. If we think that makeup is a new invention, we are wrong, Makeup and skincare have been there around for many centuries. Especially when we talk about Chinese women and their methodologies, we get to see that they have a long history with makeup, originating from ancient times. Ancient Chinese women always wanted to look up beautiful things that would enhance their looks and make them look prettier. Though they obviously did not have these latest technologies in form of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, the urge of enhancing their looks and the love of cosmetics, perfumes, and garments was everywhere.

Ancient Chinese Beauty Techniques:

Some of the world-famous Chinese beauty traditions were staining the fingernails with gum Arabic, gelatin, beeswax, and egg which is now followed as nail paints and manicures. However, the colors that they used represented the social class to which they belonged. For instance, Chou dynasty royals used to wear gold and silver, following royals used to wear black and red shades. However, the Lower classes are forbidden to wear bright colors on their nails. Chinese women also commonly used rice powder to make their faces white, with the Eyebrows shaved of and teeth are painted gold or black, and henna dyes were used to stain hair and faces. Not only these but the use of the jade roller and gua sha can also be seen in the history of Chinese people. These were the natural sources of skin purifying and cleaning and Chinese people used them for various purposes. Some of the reasons why Chinese people used these products were the various advantages of these products. Some of the advantages of these products are:


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In Chinese history, gua sha and jade rollers were widely used but they are famous around the world even now, for their outstanding properties and amazing results. Today most of the methods of beauty that we follow are derived from these sources and using ancient wisdom. Jade Roller & Gua Sha Tools can be purchased easily from various suppliers worldwide. Beauty was and beauty would always be a concern for the people and these natural and organic properties would always help us to improve even in the modern world.