All You Wanted To Know About A Squint Eye And Its Treatment

A squint is an eye condition in which the eyes point in different directions. It can occur at any age, most predominantly in young children. But what are the symptoms of squint eyes? What are its various types? When to seek medical advice with this condition? And what all treatments are available to cure squint eyes? This article seeks to find answers to these questions. Also, if you are searching for squint correction in Gurgaon, then we have a recommendation further down the article. Read on! 

Content Of The Article 

  • What is a squint eye?
  • What causes a squint eye?
  • Squint eye symptoms 
  • When to seek medical advice?
  • Available treatments to cure squint eyes
  • Concluding remarks – Find the best squint surgery hospital in Gurgaon

What Is A Squint Eye? 

Generally speaking, a squint eye occurs when both eyes are not aligned in the same direction. In this eye condition, one eye may turn in, out, up or down, whereas the other eye may look ahead. This disorder is most commonly found in young children. However, it can also occur in adults. Its cause can be wide-ranging. 

What Causes A Squint Eye? 

A squint eye may be caused by many reasons – by birth, heredity, accident, incorrect balance of muscles, injuries, refractive error, nerve palsy etc, to name a few. It may be curable based on the cause and extent of the eye condition, using surgical and non-surgical methods. 

Symptoms Of Squint Eyes 

Please note that one or some of the symptoms mentioned below may not necessarily be related to squint eyes. Still, it is essential to consult a doctor to find the root cause of a persisting issue and its cure. 

  • One or both eyes point towards different directions 
  • A child suffers from a defective vision in one or both eyes
  • Exposure to bright sunlight makes one close one eye
  • Confusion in visualization 
  • Tilting head or facing a specific direction to use both eyes together 

Symptoms may differ from one to another. Squint eyes may also cause symptoms not mentioned here. Hence, it is recommended to seek the guidance of an expert doctor when one faces issues with visualizations. 

When To Seek Medical Advice? 

When detected, treatments must start as quickly as possible for the best chances of improvement and cure. Please find below some of the situations when medical advice is needed – 

  • A child shows frequent signs of squint eyes 
  • Squint eyes come and go, but the condition does not stop on its own
  • A child is showing signs of issues while looking at things properly

Please note that it is a misconception that squint eyes are a child-only eye condition. It can occur, as mentioned above, in adults too. If adults, in any part of their lives, begin to experience squint eyes or double vision issues, they should seek medical advice. 

Available Treatments To Cure Squint Eyes

The treatments available to treat squint eyes can vary from one to another and depending on the severity of the condition. Generally speaking, some of the common treatments include the following – 

  • If the condition is caused by a children’s eyesight, using glasses recommended by a doctor may help.
  • Your doctor may recommend some eye exercises that can help treat the issue.
  • When none of the available treatments work, then the doctor may recommend a surgery that can help realign the eyes and restore binocular vision. 

Concluding Remarks – Find The Best Advice For Squint Correction In Gurgaon

Squint eyes are treatable when detected and treated on time. But it is essential to seek the advice of an expert doctor. When choosing treatments for squint eyes or finding the best squint surgery hospital in Gurgaon or just anywhere else, what are the things that you should keep in mind? We take a brief look at the answer below – 

  • Find a hospital with a credible track record of providing world-class eye care services and treatments 
  • Seek recommendations about hospitals from people you trust who have successfully treated squint eye condition 

Also, an online search may help one find a list of hospitals with this treatment available. Learn more about them by visiting their websites, profiles of doctors, and online reviews about these doctors online. All this information may help one simplify their search for the best squint surgery hospital in Gurgaon or anywhere else. 

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