Debunking the Latest and Best Standing Desk Myths That Exist Today

In the U.S. alone, between 2017 and 2018, obesity was 42.4% of people. That’s an increase from 30.5% from 1999-2000.

As this number continues to rise, people are wondering what they can do at work to lower their chance of this. Will the best standing desk help with this or is it just a myth? Read this article on the myths and facts out there about standing desks today!

I’ll Have To Stand More To Enjoy the Benefits

When looking at standing desks for students, there’s a common misconception that you’ll need to stand more than sit to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk. The truth is, it’s meant to have you alternate throughout the day whether you sit or stand. Incorporate a schedule that works so that you’re not standing or sitting too long throughout the day.

It’ll Cause More Fatigue

Some active workplaces might have you believe that they must be more tired and that standing desks will require more of their energy. This isn’t the case. You might actually be less distracted and have more energy throughout the day since you can switch between sitting and standing.

They Won’t Help Me Be Active

A safe workplace that’s healthy will have a sitting and standing desk to help you be more active throughout the day. You might begin walking a few steps more than usual if you’re using a standing/sitting desk.

It Won’t Burn Anything

It’ll burn slightly more calories but nothing crazy. While walking burns more calories, standing will burn more than sitting. It’s best to use your breaks for walks to burn more.

Is It More Beneficial?

Yes, while it might not help you avoid gaining weight, it could help with other findings. Sitting for long periods of time is tied with obesity, premature deaths, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Standing All Day Is Great for You

No, even if you have the best office desk out there, it’s still not healthy to stand all day. Instead, switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. You might experience foot or leg pain if you go from sitting to standing all day.

Make sure that you ease into using it more. Don’t use a timer to remind you to sit or stand since that can impact your concentration.

Keep in mind that certain activities will be performed better by sitting than standing. This means that standing desks aren’t for everyone.

It’s a Hassle To Move up and Down

Many of them come with advanced features in order to make it easier to adjust up and down. Some of them come with memory keypads in order to make it easier to remember your settings.

Choose an adjustable desk that has a dual motor. This will ensure that you can move the work surface. This will give you extra strength and durability in your desk as well.

Standing All Day Will Keep My Blood Flowing

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It’s not good for you to stand all day since it can actually cause the blood to pool. Your knees or feet might lock up or go numb due to this. Instead, try out different desk exercises and take breaks sitting and standing all day.

I’ll Have Perfect Posture

That’s not the case. You’ll need to have proper posture and work on it whether you’re standing or sitting. It doesn’t automatically occur. In order to help with this, ensure that your monitor and desk are at the right height.

Your monitor needs to be at eye level while you work. This will help to ensure that you’re not craning your neck for hours while you’re working.

It’s Not the Cure-all

When taking a look at the ergonomics industry, they might have you tempted and thinking that it’ll cure all of your problems from sitting. This isn’t the case.

If your office does decide to use standing desks, make sure that everyone is properly educated on how to use them. This can lead to harm since you’ll need to have proper posture while using it.

You might have your desk at the wrong height which can cause you to bend forward for extended periods of time. Your monitor also needs to be adjusted differently when you’re standing instead of sitting. Without doing this, it could cause extra strain on your neck.

Next, ensure that items won’t fall off and that there’s enough room for everything. This can include calculators, writing surfaces, keyboards, phones, etc.

This could lead to you continually reaching down while you’re standing which won’t be good for you. Next, listen to your body. If you feel tired while standing, sit down to give your body a rest.

Invest in Walking

If you can’t afford an adjustable desk right now, get ready to go walking on your breaks. The breaks throughout the day will help you with focus and burning calories.

Exploring Different Facts and Myths for the Best Standing Desks Out There

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the facts and myths behind the best standing desks out there. Remember that it’s not a cure-all, but it’ll help you sit and stand throughout the day. While you don’t want to sit or stand all day, it’ll give you the flexibility to choose when you go with an adjustable option.

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