Frequently Asked Questions About Emar Healthcare Software

What Do You Think About EMAR?

Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR) is a method for electronic medication administration that saves time on paperwork. According to reports, hospitals implementing eMAR have seen a decrease in mistakes of 35% and a time savings of over 45%. The usage of eMAR by specialists allows them to capture vital indicators as well as other findings.

Additionally, if any clinical interventions are required, a warning will appear on the screen. The notifications appear on a screen that can be sent to others by email or any other method. The monitor’s Status Board shows which patients’ prescriptions are overdue or 

need to be refilled, as well as the room numbers where they are located.

Medical specialists can view more of a patient’s data in graphs and charts when medicine delivery is simplified. eMAR is a piece of software for keeping track of electronic medical records that ensures medicine is given as prescribed. Professionals and patients alike can see exactly what medications have been given out thanks to eMAR. Data in eMAR is encrypted and backed up on a daily basis.

For What Reasons Should I Make Use Of An Electronic Medical Record System?

Maintaining your medical records may be made easier with the aid of electronic medical record software. The limitations of the traditional paper-based system may be efficiently avoided by using EMAR software. Many people can use EMAR Software at the same time since it is multi-user friendly. Errors, fragmentation, and incorrect indexing are all eliminated with computerized medication administration record.

A large number of papers are contained in the EMAR Software, which is rather complicated. This software is capable of including the ebbs and flows of medications. Other important details about healthcare procedures and legislation are included in the software. This software’s best characteristic is that it’s simple to use. Medical records may be easily accessed by electronic medication administration record software users. Its mobility and authorization features are two further benefits of utilizing EMAR software.

What is The Process Through Which EMAR works?

Drug administration may be made simpler and more efficient for all parties involved with the help of eMAR. 

There have been major changes made to the health and care business as a result of its adoption in the recent decade. Typically, a care coordinator will use an eMAR software to construct a medication regimen for a client, and detailed instructions on the medicine needed. This will include things like medicine kinds, dose, frequency, and delivery methods.

When a care worker goes to an assisted living house, the electronic medicine system instantly sends that information to the care worker’s mobile device, where they may examine it. This enables health care providers to access accurate and up-to-date pharmaceutical information.

Care support staff can utilize their mobile device to record medicine administration and add any pertinent comments, such as the drug being rejected and the reason why over the duration of the visit. The MAR chart is automatically updated with this information.

What Are The Benefits of Using An EMAR System For Patient Care?

There is more time for physicians to focus on patient care since they spend less time physically documenting patients, writing medications, and looking up patient information. You may also refer to earlier notes with the aid of assisted living software. You can take part in improved interoperability while doing so, as well as improve communication between patients and physicians.

When It Comes To Storing Electronic Medication Administration Records, Is The System Secure?


Yes! EMAR Healthcare is safer to have an electronic health record than a paper one. The computerized system protects patient privacy, which is essential in the healthcare industry. Passwords and log-in are required for each user in order for the system to be HIPAA-compliant. There are several levels of protection in place, and not everyone has access to all of the information in a patient’s file.


Instead of a paper chart that anybody may access at any time, a digital chart requires a subscription. Tracking which charts are accessed and what parts of the record may be accessed by which log-ins are done via audit trails, of course. To keep track of who has accessed what in the electronic health record, there is also a signing authority in place. Logoffs that are set to occur automatically help to prevent records from being mistakenly breached.

What Does The EMAR’s Future Hold?

Modern life would not be what it is today without computers and computer apps. Computers now support a large portion of our daily activities. The field of medicine is no exception. Our healthcare software will be able to communicate with any hospital or medical practitioner in the Capital Region, and perhaps the entire globe, in the future. 

A variety of computer EMAR Software is being worked on to communicate information securely and efficiently. When it comes to connecting our physicians and non-physician providers, Care Physicians are continually looking for better methods to serve our patients more quickly. Our patient portal is one method to stay in touch with them while using electronic medical administration software.

Is There Anything Wrong With EMAR At The Moment?

Concerns concerning the implementation of EMAR Software in a care business are most often caused by a lack of trust in employing technology, according to our own experience. In contrast, Unique IQ’s eMAR system is so simple to use that care workers in their late sixties feel comfortable using it on a regular basis.

Many people have concerns with eMAR. Among these are the following:

 a smartphone app is required; worries about the quantity of mobile data that an internet-based system would consume; keeping smartphones up to date so that the system runs correctly; whether or not the data is safe; using a phone is perceived as impersonal by those getting care.