How to protect our hair if we practice water sports?

Hairstyles and products that will help us keep our hair healthy.

If you are one of those who are not capable of being under the umbrella on the beach and enjoy practicing all kinds of water sports, we have some tips for you, but especially for your hair. We spoke with two hair experts to advise us on how we should take care of our hair in summer and we are going to spend it underwater.

If we do water sports, our hair can suffer the effects of high sun exposure as well as having it wet all day. So that our hair does not spoil and we do not reach the end of summer with very dry ends, whether we wear color or not. , It is important that we rinse our hair with fresh water before and after bathing in the sea. Also, if we are so aware that we must protect our skin, why not do the same with our hair? It is best that we get an oil spray with sun protection: they are very easy to apply and very effective.

Once at home and during lifeguard training and swimming class, if you have followed the previous steps, it will be enough to apply a mask to hydrate and repair once a week. If you wear color, and especially if you wear discoloration, you must be even more meticulous in your care, since you run the risk of the color being altered. When it comes to caring for it at home, colored hair needs much more mask than usual, oils and serums; in short, a lot of hydration “, advises Víctor Latorre, from Art Lab Salon.

Should we take more care of our hair in summer?

Carlos Oliveras, Director of the Oliveras Salons, explains that “we must take care of it throughout the year, but it is not until the good weather arrives that we do not remember to protect our hair more. The solar radiation time is much stronger in summer Therefore, although we would have to protect ourselves for 365 days, in summer, which is when we are most exposed, it is important to protect it. ”

What should not be missing in our beach bag to protect our hair? (recommendation of products or treatments)

“In Oliveras, we bet more on the natural. As for the protection for the beach of our hair, the ideal is The Organic Sun Protection, since it serves both for the hair, the face, and the body. It is absorbed very quickly and is easy application thanks to the fact that it is sprayed, and the product is totally transparent “.

If we practice water sports, does the hair suffer more?

“Yes. We are exposed to the open air, to chlorine (which is still a chemical compound), saltpeter (leaves our hair dry), and the sun which is still heated for the hair fiber”. For his part, Víctor Latorre, Art Lab Salon, recommends that “so that it does not get tangled while you practice sports, avoid making buns, low or high ponytails, the ideal updo is a braid. However, it is always better to wear a cap to avoid excessive solar radiation”.

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How can we keep it healthy and strong during the summer?

“It is advisable to use a sun protection factor, cover it with a scarf or hat. In this way, we will avoid that it is at high temperature, that our hair color is altered. As we wash it every day it is best to use a fairly neutral shampoo, and then a conditioner or a hydrating finish. And once a week use a mask. ”

Truth or lie about buns with wet hair for hours, does the hair get damaged?

“It is not advisable to go to sleep with a bun or a ponytail and that the hair is wet, nor the same during the day since it can make it weak. Why do people who wear all their hair in braids wash it little? So that the hair does not rot, therefore it is not advisable to be every day with wet hair and tied with a bow “.