How To Recognize The Difference Between A Fake N95 Mask & Real One

Governments are attempting to prevent another wave of Corona from spreading. They are releasing new safety guidelines and protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Some people, on the other hand, are opposed to these regulations.  Similarly, some people argue against the use of N95 mask only once.

Is it possible to reuse N95 masks? 

No. It has been reported that some people had been wearing the same mask for several days or even for several weeks without removing it. Medical professionals have issued warnings and described it as a dangerous and stupid thing to do.

Using a mask that has not been decontaminated with one of the more recent decontamination machines poses a greater risk.

In contrast to cloth masks, which can be machine washed and reused many times, N95 masks work best when they are worn only once or twice at a time. The mask must be disposed of as soon as possible. They are not intended to be reused in any way. According to FDA recommendations, you should dispose of your N95 respirator as soon as possible by placing it in a plastic bag. After handling the respirator, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Is it possible to reuse KN95 masks?

KN95 Masks are intended for single-use only, but according to a couple of sources, there have been some studies that suggest that some KN95 Mask can be reused in the future.

Some people found it “even more fascinating” that when they reused the mask after spraying it with alcohol, drying it with air, and then vacuum drying it, it showed effective filtering once again, according to these individuals.

Let’s know how to distinguish between fake N95 masks and a original N95 masks 

  • You can take precautionary measures to ensure that the masks you purchase are authentic and not counterfeited by other people.
  • The NIOSH approval stamp on the mask’s face is either missing or incorrectly spelled on the mask.
  • It is not necessary to include the TC approval number on the mask.
  • According to the company, it has been approved for use by children.
  • There are a variety of decorative options.
  • The mask’s face does not have the manufacturing lot number visible on it.
  • It’s the same when it comes to identifying fake masks.
  • Experts recommend that you conduct thorough research before placing your order to ensure that you are ordering masks from a legitimate website. According to them, it should be strongly recommended that all customers conduct extensive research before making their KN95 mask purchases.
  • Inquire about lab results that show the levels of filtration.
  • Investigate the factory from which they are purchasing their masks.
  • Make certain that all of the information you have received is accurate.

As a result, they believe that if the company from which you are purchasing your KN95 masks is constantly changing their manufacturers, this could be a sign that they are selling masks to multiple brokers or middlemen and are not conducting proper quality control.

An N95 mask has the advantage of providing a tight seal around the face. The FDA, on the other hand, states that a mask worn over a beard or on the face of a child will not provide the same level of protection. Another thing to remember is that they aren’t a panacea for all problems.

Even though they provide increased safety, they are not a substitute for social distancing or hand hygiene. They also try to keep face-to-face interaction to a minimum whenever possible.