Non-Surgical Eye Lift Treatment to Recovery

When we talk to someone, we look into his eyes… When we love someone, our first looks at him start through his eyes. Therefore, everyone resorts to eye surgery. Everything leads to the eyes because they define beauty, or indicate the person’s personality and reactions and others. That is why it is not strange to find that most of the love poets, since ancient times. Flirt with the eyes, shape and colour of their belove, and even today this is still the norm.That is why people are generally concerned with the beauty of their eyes, and women in particular who like Non-Surgical Eye Lift for beauty.

The eyes are the centre of female attractiveness and beauty. And that is why most cosmetics were dedicate to this part of the face. On the contrary, when there are many problems in the eye area. The person will lose his self-confidence, and he may appear older than his age or may appear in a dull. Tired, inanimate and unattractive form. And here it is necessary to resort to eye surgery, which has become today one of the most widespread operations. And has contributed to increasing the person’s self-confidence.

In the following article, we will try to identify eye surgeries. How they are performed, what they cost, and the possible side effects that may occur,

non-surgical eye lift

What is Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

Non-Surgical Eye Lift is one of the operations with a purely cosmetic goal, and it is a group of operations. That attempts to eliminate the various aesthetic problems that the patient suffers from.

And some operations seek to treat protruding and sunken eyes, and there are plastic surgeries that treat strabismus eyes and others. Usually, the means of performing eye surgeries are based on treating eye problems by tightening the eye muscles, or by getting rid of sagging skin in the area around the eyes, if by resorting to surgical operations, or by different types of injections such as plasma injections, fillers or Botox.

And there are some types of these operations concerned with performing this treatment using mesotherapy injections, or through the use of precise laser beams, while strabismus Non-Surgical Eye Lift are done by surgery or microsurgery and the laser cannot be used in them, where the surgery is done by tightening the eye muscle, relaxing it or shortening it or relax it.

What are the types of non-surgical eye lifts?
  1. Treatment under the eyes of puffs.
  2. Heavy eyelid surgery.
  3. Sunken eye plastic surgery.
  4. Protruding eye plastic surgery.
  5. Eye plastic surgery strabismus.
  6. Enlargement of narrow eyes.
  7. Asian eye treatment.
  8. Treatments for dark circles around the eyes.
  9. Eyelid wrinkles treatment.
  10. Treatment and removal of laughter wrinkles.
What is the cost of a Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

There is no single cost for eye surgery, it varies according to the type of operation and the technique use in performing it. Also, the prices of eye surgeries vary according to the country in which they will be performe, as well as to the extent of the reputation of the doctor and the medical centre in which the operation is performe. Here are some of the costs of these operations:

Who are the potential candidates for eye surgery?
  1. The patient’s expectations about the results of the operation must be reasonable and realistic.
  2. Anyone who has suffering or problems in his eyes, whether functional or cosmetic, can undergo this operation.
  3. In various eye surgeries, the person must be an adult or over 15 years old at least. Except for strabismus eye surgeries, which are preferring to be performing at a very young age. It is possible to perform this surgery for children at the age of 7 months.
  4. The person must be in good health and not have any of the chronic diseases affecting the surgery.
  5. It is better if the person is a non-smoker.
  6. That the patient’s psychological condition is normal, enabling him to take the appropriate decision.
Recovering from eyelid surgery

The results of eye surgeries often appear one day after the surgery, and the process may leave traces such as puffiness and swell around the eyes, but they are temporary and may disappear after about a month after the surgery. Also, the surgical poles that doctors use in ophthalmology procedures are of the “Vicryl” type, which dissolves automatically with the skin and do not need to be removed. Want to learn more click Here.

The results of the operation cannot be fully judged until about a month after the surgery. Many of the results of eye surgeries are permanent. Including Asian eye surgeries, strabismus eye surgeries, sunken eyes, and protrusive eye surgeries. However, some other operations such as rejuvenation and eyelid tightening have temporary results.

Steps for an eye surgery procedure

Anesthesia is the first step in various surgical operations, and some eye cosmetic surgeries also require the patient to completely anesthetize, and among these operations are eye-widening operations and strabismus eye surgeries, while others of eye plastic surgery require only local anesthesia of the patient.

Non-Surgical Eye Lift incision

Non-Surgical Eye Lift usually requires a surgical incision to carry out the procedures and complete the operation, even in the operations that rely on the laser, where it needs to make a surgical incision to insert the cannula (laser tube), but this surgical incision is usually very small in various operations, However, in some cases, it may be large.

Eye surgery

In strabismus eye surgery, the procedures aim to treat the cause of the strabismus through the muscle connecting the eye. As a result of the relaxation of the eye muscle, it must be short or tight. Strabismus is always treat by targeting the muscles, not the nerves.

As for the rejuvenation operations, it is done by tightening the skin and flabby muscles in the area around the eyes. The process of expanding the eyes aims to get rid of sagging eyelids or the removal of part of the eyelid if necessary. While the sunken eye surgery is done through the filler injection technique and does not require a surgical incision.

Surgical incision closure

The incision is close using surgical sutures that dissolve with the skin on their own.

Possible risks and complications of eye surgery
  • There is no effect of eye surgery on visual acuity, but any mistake made by the doctor damages the optic nerve leading to the patient losing sight. For this, it is important and necessary to search for a skilled and highly experienced doctor in this field.
  • The patient may find it difficult to close his eyes after eye surgery.
  • After eye surgery, the patient may be expose to the known risks of general anesthesia.
  • The patient may develop bleeding or blood clots at the site of the operation.
What happens in the consultation of a Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

In the consultative session, the patient should discuss with the doctor all the matters that concern him about the operation without any hesitation, and he must tell him all his expectations and explain his problem completely, and then the doctor will examine the case and inform the patient of the condition that he will be in later and that he may reach after treatment. The doctor must also conduct a complete physical examination of the patient to see his health and suitability for the operation, as well as the appropriate technique Dermal Fillers Boston for her or him.

The patient must also inform the doctor of any diseases or health problems that he suffers from, especially concerning chronic diseases and heart diseases, and he must also inform him of all kinds of medications or drugs that he is taking or was previously taking.

After completing the various procedures, the doctor sets the date for the surgery. And he gives the patient some advice and instructions that he must adhere to before the operation, such as stopping smoking or taking some medications and so on.

For example, the patient should refrain from taking anticoagulant drugs before the operation, so as not to be expose to the risk of bleeding during or after the operation.

How to choose the right surgeon to do eye surgeries?

The eye area is very sensitive as it is the visual centre in humans, and for this, you should be very careful and inquire carefully when choosing the doctor who will perform the operation. Where it is necessary to rely on those who have extensive experience and great skills in this field.

The patient must ensure that the doctor obtains a license to practice the profession in the country in which he works. He must also verify his scientific certificates, and he must verify his accreditation from the Medical Board of Plastic Surgery.

And he needs to have extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery in general, and in the field of eye surgery in particular. Doctor must also communicate with his previous patients and verify the results they obtained.