Sugar craving is a real thing

Almost all of us are familiar with the midnight sugar attack. Forcing to head towards your refrigerator and pantry to grab yourself a tasty, sweet treat.  Most of us would agree to the fact that all midnight dessert indulgences are pure bliss and the ultimate stress killer. But it varies from person to person, for some, these cravings appear at the same time every day, but for others, they can get over the mind at any hour of the day. One way or another, the fact is that many people struggle with sugar cravings almost on a daily basis. But we never notice the reasons that could be responsible for it:

  1. Habit

Human beings are creatures of habit and the fact cannot be denied that sugar is quite addictive. Once we get used to eating something sweet, especially at a specific time of the day, there are chances are that our bodies, just like clockwork, will start to crave sugars at that same time. Some see it as a stimulus while for others it might act as a trigger for sugar cravings while they continue doing their routine works e.g., watching TV or studying. There may be even a connection to other foods and drinks too, just like many people who cannot drink a cup of tea or coffee without a sweet treat.

  1. Emotion

It is also said that sugars and emotions go along. Think back to some of your happiest memories you would find many, that involved sugar. All the birthday parties you attended and thinking about your childhood, all the candies and cakes you had. Sugar has been associated with fun and happiness, and especially when we are sad or stressed, to escape it we consume sugars.

  1. Low blood sugar levels

Sugar craving could also be a symbol of Low blood sugar levels can cause sugar cravings. It is nature’s way to protect the body from danger. As Blood sugar is our primary source of energy (especially for the brain) and so when our energy supply starts to run out our body responds. The quickest way to restock our energy supplies is the intake of sugar.

Since sugar cravings are common to all of us, the world has discovered a variety of sugars that could be used for various purposes, some of the types of sugars that wholesale sugar distributors commonly have are:

  1. Granulated Sugars

Regular, everyday sugar. Made from sugarcane. Commonly known as a white, table, or refined sugar.

  1. Powdered Sugars

Very fine white sugar with added corn starch to prevent it from becoming cakey. Often used in glazing or frosting.

  1. Superfine sugars

Sugar that is between granulated and powdered is superfine sugar and dissolves very quickly.

  1. Brown sugar

Regular use, granulated sugar, with an added touch of molasses.

  1. Sanding Sugar

These sugars have large granules that don’t dissolve very quickly when exposed to heat or moisture. They are often used for decoration in recipes.

  1. Turbinado Sugar

This type of sugar is mainly derived from sugar cane and is minimally processed.

  1. Demerara Sugar

Very similar to turbinado sugar as it is also minimally processed and has coarser grains but demerara sugar is darker and has more of a molasses flavor

  1. Muscovado

a type of unrefined cane sugar and can be a substitute for traditional brown sugar