Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Germs

Pandemic or not, it is very important to ensure that your kids follow good hygiene and keep germs at bay. Unlike adults, kids are more carefree and tend to not realise when they become a breeding ground for germs. Playing in mud, rubbing their faces, eating without washing their hands, sitting next to other kids who probably have the flu or touching surfaces that have been touched by hundreds of others are a few common things kids do very often with no idea of the repercussions. 

Just like new ways of throwing tantrums and the latest trends, another thing that spreads like wildfire amongst kids is germs. School groups, playgrounds and classrooms create a set-up where it becomes easy to contract germs and get infected. With the pandemic, the situation further worsened and continues to do so; but even after it gets over, kids need to follow certain tips to stay free from germs.

Here are the Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe from Germs
1. Wash hands

The best way to avert germs is by washing hands properly for 20 seconds. Teach your kid a song that is long enough to be sung while they are washing their hands. Make sure they scrub their hands until the song is over or they have counted till 20. 

2. Kids must be taught to share, but not everything

While every kid grows up learning ‘sharing is caring’ certain personal items such as lip balms, water bottles, caps, brushes, handkerchiefs etc should not be shared.

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3. Cover mouth when sneeze and cough

Though it has become popular now, earlier too much stress was not laid on the fact that one should not cough and sneeze directly into the open. Teach you kid to cough and sneeze into the crook of their elbows or a tissue, never the hand.

4. Keep their hands off their face

Younger kids tend to do odd things like touching their faces or licking surfaces. Teach them to not do so and keep their fingers out of their noses, mouths, and ears.

Apart from these few tips ensure that they sleep well, eat well and get vaccinated on time. If your kid falls ill, they should not be allowed to go out and mix with other kids as the infection can spread rapidly. 

While the kids roam carefree it’s the parents that stress out. Given that even we as adults also tend to forget to wash our hands before eating or right after entering the house, we can’t expect the kids to be on their guard at all times. Instead of constantly worrying, it may be a great idea to use a sanitizer for kids that could offer an entire day’s protection from germs – and Just Human does exactly that. The Just Human 24 Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer for kids and adults guarantees 99% protection against pathogens and germs for 24 hours, and is safe to use on the skin and is environment friendly. The sprays come in various sizes, the most portable being the 10ml back to school pen sanitizer spray.

So, inculcate good habits in your kids, but getting a little help is not always a bad thing. With Just human you can worry less while your kids have a ball.