Various Exercises That Can Be Performed Using Dumbbell Sets

Dumbbell Rows:

The Dumbbell Row is a great exercise to target the back of your body using the Dumbbell Sets. Take a moderate grip on each dumbbell and focus all attention towards pulling through the whole motion with good form. This exercise works the arms, shoulders, traps, and triceps mostly; drawing them in toward your body only at end range where they are flush against your ribcage. As you pull you should feel tension throughout every muscle of your back; keeping shoulder blades pulled down toward your spine and pelvis should also help you maintain a good position for this exercise.

Dumbbell Pullovers:

This exercise works the latissimus dorsi muscles, biceps, and traps. You should have one arm on a bench with your elbow straight out to hold off you by about 6–8”. Keep your butt backbend over toward the floor until arms are in underneath trap bar (dipping position). Once at the bottom phase-out forcefully from dipping down motion pushing through both dumbbells as they extend back up to the top of the motion. Focus all attention on keeping shoulder blades pulled down toward your spine and pelvis while performing this exercise, drawing the shoulder back towards but not over that joint.

Dumbbell Reverse Bicep Curl:

Wide grip dumbbells are used for an isolation move inside each arm with a slight contraction in muscles at the end range of motion, focusing mainly on biceps as you curl/contract throughout the movement. Begin with arms resting on your sides, supporting yourself off the floor. Using slow tempo (stage 2) curl downwards and squeeze bicep/traps at the end range of motion as you lift elbows up in a reverse movement. Work through different ranges from stage 1 by just lifting arms above waist/knee and then gradually picking the speed up over time.

Single Arm Cable Curl:

This exercise works both the biceps and forearms. Upon completion of each arm, switch hands before repeating (one set per hand). Lower weight down one side until elbow almost touches knee first then raise trap up to shoulder height before lowering back to beginning position Be sure to focus on keeping shoulders pulled down toward your spine as you perform this movement; drawing them over for a flat posture may cause shoulder impingement or shoulder pain.

Planning The Workout:

The first thing to do is decide if you want three or four sets per movement, this will determine the order of exercises performed first and last within each clean workout. For example, you should typically perform bicep curls with the machine before the overhead press in this case four lifts total (Curls- Presses- Curls) but alternating maybe 3–5 on each day depending on your level of readiness in the gym. From a nutrition perspective, it is suggested that simple foods that are high in protein and trace nutrients: Quinoa (1/4 cup cooked) Peas (1 cup frozen/canned chickpeas [each serving ~ half of this amount to avoid sugar]) Sweet Potatoes (~ 1-2 medium at a time unless you eat them all day brown rice or 2 cups quinoa + peas then carbohydrates will be covered).