Which is Best Skin Care Clinic in India for Skin Disorders?

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Skin disorders are common with both males and females. Regardless of age and skin colour, they can affect anybody at any moment. Some disorders are permanent whereas some causes temporary discomfort. Some can be painless and others can be painful. The symptoms and causes of each skin disorder vary from one to others. Some disorders are the outcome of genetic reasons whereas others are the outcome of hormonal imbalance and pollution. While most of the skin conditions are minor, some can be life-threatening and demand immediate medical attention.

Fortunately, skin disorders are easy to treat with traditional and advanced measures. Many skincare clinics in India offer top-notch treatment of skin disorders at cost-effective rates. Now, let’s take a close look at some of the most common skin disorders and their treatments.

  • Melasma:

Melasma is a skin problem that leads to discoloured and dark patches on the skin. It is a skin condition, which is common in individuals with darker skin colour and excessive exposure to the sun. Even the skin disorder is common in pregnant women and often referred to as “mask of pregnancy” or chloasma.

The main symptom of Melasma is patches of discolouration usually occurring on the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin. It is a treatable skin condition but may reappear after a certain point of time. In pregnant women, the skin disorder disappears once pregnancy is over.

An expert dermatologist after evaluating the skin condition of an individual may recommend some topical steroids. If this line of treatment does not work, then possible treatment of these skin disorders are chemical peels, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. These are the advanced treatments for Melasma that peel away the top layer of the skin and result in lightening the dark patches. For seeking the advanced treatment, prefer visiting a reputed skincare clinic in India offering advanced skin treatments with a high success rate.

  • Moles:

Generally appear during adolescence and childhood, moles are a kind of skin growth. It leads to the formation of small and dark brown spots on the skin caused due to clusters of pigmented cells. On average, a person has 10-40 moles which either fade away or disappear over time.

The moles are harmless and do not demand any medical treatment. Some moles may become cancerous and it is pivotal to seek the right treatment for mole removal. Such moles are removed with advanced treatments like cutting, shave removal, laser removal and freezing.

Amongst various treatments recommended for mole removal, the laser treatment has a high success rate (though cutting is the most recommended treatment). It is because the laser treatment is not possible for removing moles on certain areas of the body like ears or face. In the laser treatment, the intense light radiation helps in breaking down the mole cells of the skin. The treatment hardly takes five minutes and is usually painless.

  • Warts: 

A Wart is a skin disorder that occurs when the skin gets affected by human papillomavirus (HPV) family. The virus causes extra cell growth and makes the outer layer of the skin as thick and hard. A wart can grow anywhere on the skin, but it is common on feet and hands. A wart can be found on the mucous membranes and contagious.

If you visit a skin care clinic for wart removal treatment, the skin specialist usually aims at removing a wart from medicines and other traditional methods. If these treatments do not show the desired results, then advanced treatment like laser surgery is recommended. The laser treatment is ideal for removing a wart from hard-to-reach spots. Different kinds of laser treatment are available for treating this skin disorder.

All these treatments are expensive, require multiple visits and have certain downsides also. Thus, it is advisable to visit a well-established skin care clinic in India like Clinic Dermatech for getting the best wart removal treatment.

  • Tattoos: 

Different people have different reasons for getting a tattoo which may vary from personal or cultural. Although tattoos are permanent, it is possible to remove them via unwanted tattoos removal procedures. These procedures aim at removing an unwanted tattoo from various parts of the body. Some of the common tattoos removal procedures are surgical removal, dermabrasion and laser surgery.

A professional dermatologist considers a variety of factors like kind of tattoo, skin condition of an individual and underlying medical condition before deciding upon the best procedure. If you want to opt for a laser removal procedure, then it is a wise idea to seek a consultation from an experienced dermatologist and get a fair idea about the risks and costs of unwanted tattoo removal procedures along with the expected results.

  • Dermatitis: 

The medical term for skin inflammation is dermatitis. In this skin disorder, the skin typically looks like red, dry and swollen. A person can experience different kinds of dermatitis caused due to different factors. However, it is not contagious.

The most common type of dermatitis is atopic, contact, dyshidrotic and seborrheic dermatitis. Amongst all these types, seborrheic dermatitis is the most common and usually results in scaly patches and makes the skin red in appearance.

Medicated creams, shampoos and lotions are the first lines of treatment. When these treatments do not respond, the dermatologist follows advanced treatments like laser or light therapy. Before deciding upon the right treatment, factors like the type of dermatitis, severity of symptoms and cause are evaluated.

All these skin disorders are treatable provided you discuss your skin condition to the specialist at the right time. It is advisable to visit a reputed and well-established skin care clinic in India for seeking the best treatments for these skin conditions.

Treatment of Skin Disorders at Clinic Dermatech

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