5 Most Common Criminal Offences in Austin, TX

Every city faces some sort of criminal activity, and Austin is no exception. To give you a bit of insight into the common criminal offenses in Austin, we’ve mentioned them below. If you or your loved ones have been a victim of any of the mentioned crimes, contact Austin’s criminal lawyer. Besides providing legal protection, they can help you prove the crime in front of authorities. With their help, you can catch the culprit so that the police can charge them with fines or required sentence time. But before that, read the article further to get an idea of what offenses you may face in Austin, TX.

Top 5 Crimes, Offenses and Violations

1. Burglary

Throughout the world, burglary is one of the most serious criminal offenses. In fact, in Texas, Title 7 of the Texas Statutes states that burglary is a severe crime that can lead to serious fines and penalties as well as a long jail sentence. A violation of Austin’s laws will lead to an arrest and proper sentence according to the severity of the crime.

The law states that the action will be considered burglary if an individual:

  • Hides somewhere around or on the premises to commit a robbery, felony, or assault
  • Enters a vehicle or building without permission to commit felony, theft, or assault
  • Enters a property or habitation without permission
  • Enter a habitation, building, or vehicle to commit theft, assault, and felony

This is a serious crime because it can lead to financially devastating effects for people. Usually, victims of a burglary lose expensive items and assets. Unfortunately, the number of robberies is increasing over time in Austin, TX, causing citizens to worry about their safety and security. Even if you have purchased coverage for your things, you will need to hire an Austin criminal lawyer to prove the incident in front of your insurance provider. Ideally, you should invest in prevention, but if you face such a problem, contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

2. Automobile Theft

Another the most common criminal offense in Austin is automobile theft. Your vehicle is one of the most costly assets that you have. In Austin, this is the standard theft crime in Austin, but it depends on the cost of your stolen automobile. This way, if your automobile costs less than $2,500, the thief will be considered a misdemeanor.
Similarly, Austin classifies automobile theft incidents based on their value. Here is an overview of Texas law that Austin follows.

  • If the value of the auto theft is less than $100, it will call a Class C Misdemeanor.
  • Class B misdemeanor is for the theft of between $100 and $750.
  • If the value of the theft is around $750 to $2500, the law will state it as State Jail Felony.
  • $2500 to $30K theft is a 3rd-degree felony.
  • 2nd-degree felonies are those that cost you $30K to $150K.
  • 1st-degree felonies are auto thefts that exceed $30K.

Each theft will have different consequences. You can contact a lawyer to help you understand these terms.

3. Aggravated Assault

This is one of the most dangerous and horrifying crimes that offenders commit due to hatred, jealousy, or a number of reasons. The law describes aggravated assault as any crime in which a person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly threatens or causes physical injury to someone. A person may do this with the help of a weapon, in which case the charges for the offense will increase.
If a person tries to cause physical injury to someone, they’ll face over 20 years in jail. The jail time will increase depending on the number and level of damage they have caused you. Though there are several laws against these crimes in Taxes, still there is an increase in an assault. If you ever get threats from someone, try to collect proof of it. Contact the police or authorities in Austin immediately, and discuss the matter with them. They might arrest the person or provide you the necessary security to save your life.

4. Rape

Rape, also known as sexual assault, is a forced sexual encounter without the consent of the other party. Rape cases, sadly, are on the rise around the globe. Also, most the victims of the horrifying crime are women. You will be surprised to know that a large number of rape cases in Austin go unreported, as people are afraid to tell the authorities about it. Many victims don’t report the crime when the culprit is someone who belongs to their own family or friend group.
The penalties and charges depend on several factors. This includes the age of the victim, where the incident occurred, and proof. But note that the perpetrator might have to spend more than 99 years of prison if they violate someone’s boundaries. The minimum time a person has to spend in jail is 180 days, based on their age and incident.

5. Homicide

The rate of homicide is also increasing in the city. According to the law, this crime is when a person takes someone else’s life. Note that not every homicide falls under the category of murder, as many of them are manslaughter or lawful.
Homicide means taking someone’s life, but it also affects the lives of the victim’s family and friends. Therefore, the charges of these crimes can cost someone thousands of dollars and a life sentence. Unlike crimes that go unreported, such as rape, homicide is easily detectable, as you can catch the person responsible by investigating the person’s body and the weapon. If you observe this crime, call for help to save the victim if possible.

Bottom Line

An Austin criminal lawyer can help you put the perpetrator behind bars. This is not only important for you but also for the community because the person can hurt someone else in Austin if they’re not caught. So, contact experts who understand the right approach to deal with the matter. Experienced and skilled lawyers can give you the support and guidance you are looking for when you become a victim of a terrible crime.

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