Enhanced Vs. Base Provincial Nominations – A Detailed Comparison

Provincial Nominee Programs have paved the way for countless individuals to actualize their Canadian immigration dreams. Candidates who seek to apply for immigration using the PNP will select from the two nomination streams- either the regular PNP called the Base PNP, or the Enhanced PNP, which works in alignment with the Express Entry.

Base PNP

PNPs usually enable everyone to understand the significance of immigration and its possible advantages. Canada permits particular Canadian provinces or territories to issue nominations to skilled foreign workers to live and gain work experience. However, this will largely rely upon substantial factors, including the provincial labor market, and individual and economic skill factors.  

Every province comprises multiple PNPs for several types of workers and different sets of categories. One of the several programs will also align with the Express Entry system. Hence, Enhance PNPs occur, creating a major difference from the Enhanced PNP.  

Enhanced PNP

Candidates who already exist in the pool of Express Entry will have the chance to receive a Notification of Interest through a particular province’s PNP. However, this will be mostly dependent on the province or territory in which the candidates seek to reside.   

For instance, any candidate who applies and gets approval will eventually receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate even when they already exist in the Express Entry pool, and hence, they will have an additional nomination in the name of Enhanced PNP nomination.   

The Enhanced Nomination will allow candidates to remain in the pool of Express Entry, but these candidates will obtain a nomination for immigration under the PNP only. Often this might also happen the other way around, with PNP candidates receiving invitations to apply for Express Entry as well. Even though candidates will be approved for Canadian immigration through PNP.  

Enhanced PNP- what are the essential factors involved?

The foremost advantage of an Enhanced PNP is that eligible candidates shall receive a Provincial Nomination certificate leading to extra 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. This indeed multiplies their chances of receiving an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence. The CRS is the only method through which IRCC evaluates the maximum number of candidates. Furthermore, candidates with enhanced nominations will be able to get their Permanent Residence applications processed faster, that is within just six months.  

Enhanced PNP- what is the process ahead?

An Enhanced Nomination typically revolves around two pathways: Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Programs. The applicants will require to fulfill the following conditions: 

  • Verify whether you are eligible for the Express Entry application.  
  • Ensure their application submission to IRCC for programs that fall under the management of Express Entry, including the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program, FSTP, and the Canadian Experience Class.  
  • Hereafter, the Canadian provinces will be able to perceive and assess the profile for Provincial Nominee Programs.  
  • You might have to connect with specific provinces or territories (depending on their requirements) and express that you’re interested in applying for their Enhanced PNP. If supposedly, the provinces or territories feel that you’re suitable, they might send you a letter of interest.  
  • Once you get approved as an applicant, you will further be able to acquire a provincial nomination certificate. Additionally, you will also automatically obtain extra 600 points within the pool of Express Entry and moreover, will certainly provide you an ITA to apply for Canadian PR through IRCC.  
  • Hereafter, the applicant will be able to apply for Permanent Residence, provided they also clear their medical examination and police verification with all essential documents. 


Enhanced Nominations might be a better option as it offers a provincial nomination certificate, and candidates can achieve an extra 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. Enhanced nominations comprise a six months timeframe for PR application processing. Notably, enhanced nominations are applicable to candidates with PNP as well as the Express Entry programs. Hence, they must ensure their qualification for the fixed eligibility criteria.