What is Aor ? Its Pros for Immigrants

The official document confirms that your application has been received by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. So AOR is issued to the personnel who applied for immigration, citizenship or temporary residence by IRCC. The significance of this document differs depending on the submission of the application and how the application has been submitted. 

When are AOR the IRCC issues AOR? 

The AOR document is issued by the IRCC at differing times depending on the type of application. As an example for the Express Entry, the AOR has generated automatically, mostly after the minutes the application of permanent residence is submitted. On the other hand, the AOR for a sponsorship or citizenship application can take months to get a response. 

What does it mean when you receive the AOR document? 

The status of your application, in terms of being complete or incomplete, is not depicted by the AOR document. This depends on the type of application you have submitted. For example, the AOR is automatically issued by the IRCC for express entry applicants, but they can refuse the application for the missing documents. 

However, after submitting the citizenship application, receiving an AOR means that IRCC has committed the application is complete. 

AOR for the online and on-paper applications:-

The AOR letter shows when the mail room of IRCC will receive the paper application. Thus when you apply, the AOR date must meet with the time the courier registered the application receipt. The dates cannot be compared if you use your regular email. So it is best to use a mailing service that also provides the track information. In the case of any anomaly, you have the option to use the tracking information for appeal, reconsideration, and judicial review cases. 

In the case of online application submission, the AOR date is considered when you pay the fee by clicking the submit button. Yet, the system may register the date one day behind. So being tentative, it is good to submit your online application before 2 pm EST. This is not mandatory timing; it is based on the people’s personal experience. The official AOR is posted on the online profile. 

Importance of the data on an AOR letter in Canada:-

The AOR letter date marks the IRCC receiving your application date. But in certain situations, it becomes all-important. Some examples include:-

  1. In federal immigration, the age lock-in date of children is the AOR date. So it means that if your child were 21 years at the AOR time, their age would be 21 for the rest of the period. Accordingly, if they stay single, they remain part of the application. 
  2. In the Federal Self-Employed Class, the AOR date is the critical part of the qualifying period. 
  3. The date pronounced on your AOR letter for the PR card renewals and citizenship applications play a huge part in considering your eligibility. 

E applications VS hard copy applications:-

When the IRCC receives your application, an AOR gives the confirmation. So in case you are submitting the paper-based application, the AOR date will be equivalent to the date the IRCC mailroom received your application package. Once they have started processing your application, they will send the AOR. So this reason needs to use the courier service that requires the signature when dispatching your application so you can track it to get confirmation when it arrives. 

When submitting an electronic application, the AOR date is typically when you click the submit button. Even so, the date on your AOR can sometimes show one or two dates later because of technical issues or time differences. So due to this reason, it is better to submit at the fore. 

How long does it take to get the PR after receiving the AOR? 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the IRCC has started processing your application if you receive the AOR. After receiving your AOR, the time it takes to get the PR depends on the type of program you have submitted, along with various other factors. 

You should report any major changes in your circumstances to IRCC, such as a change in:-

  1. In events such as the loss of a job or the provincial or territorial nomination. 
  2. In kinsfolk composition, including the newborn children, divorced adopted children, marriage, and more. 
  3. Changes in an address such as residential and change of email address. 
  4. Changes of immigration representative. 

How much do you have to pay?

So you have to pay the fee three times:-

  1. The processing fee for you and your family members:-

You are bound to pay a processing fee for everyone who will come to Canada with you on your application when you apply. Per person, the processing fee is $850, and for each dependent child, the processing fee is $230. 

The IRCC does not refund the processing fee once they have begun processing your application. IRCC will refund your processing fees in case of an incomplete application. 

  1. The right of permanent Residence Fee:-

The per-person right of the permanent residential fee is $515. For the dependent children, there is no fee. This fee can be paid early at the same time as your processing fee or when IRCC accepts your application process. This fee will be refunded when the IRCC withdraws your application or if your application is declined. 

  1. The Biometrics Fees:-

If your residential country requires your biometric data, then you and your family members are obliged to provide the biometric data, except for children under 14. The cost is $85 for the individual applicants, and the families applying jointly have to pay $170.