My Car Tyres – Signs of Wear and Tear and Best Solutions

It’s a common misconception that a car tyre doesn’t need as much attention as other car parts. However, statistics show that more than 500 people die each year from tyre-related problems leaving thousands of others injured and lucky enough to escape with their lives. Driving with your car tyre Unanderra, Australia with tread depth less than 1.6mm puts you at risk of getting into a road accident as well as attracting a fine since it is illegal.

You can avoid having to pay hundreds of dollars by paying more attention to that squeaky sound you keep hearing each time you take her for a spin. Also, you should ask yourself this question, “Are there any tyre shops near me?” If yes, then get your car tyres to the professionals as soon as you notice complications.

We’ve helped relieve you of the stress of pondering over the signs by providing you with a list of common car tyre problems and their solutions. You could as well gain access to our team of professionals if you reside in Unanderra, Australia to get your tyre problems fixed in no time.

Below are the signs car tyres give once they need replacement or repair.

Subtle hissing sounds

90% of hissing sounds coming from tyres are traced to punctures on the said tyres. The hissing sounds you keep hearing is air forcing its way out of the damaged surface.

While this may not always be the case, you might want to remember the condition of the road you normally drive on. If it’s a road under construction or repair, then chances are your tyre has come in contact with shards of construction material or potholes.

This kind of problem might seem negligible at first but you should be warned that this will be a complication in the long run. Ignoring punctures from your car tyres eventually leads to underinflation if not flatten out your tyre.

DO NOT attempt to fix a punctured tyre yourself as you might cause more harm than good. If you have any problems with your car tyres Unanderra agents are always there for its residents. 

Visible wear and tear

Visible wear and tear could range anywhere from hairline cracks on the sidewalls of your tyre to unusual browning of the tyres. When this happens, this means your tyres are already nearing the end of their useful life span. Just like our body, rubber isn’t expected to last forever. Perished rubber should be taken care of immediately.

The only way to counter this problem is to get new tyres before they give out in a dire situation, such as on a highway or a bridge. You can send us an e-mail and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Lack of grip

If you notice your tyres losing their grip on the road, then chances are any of these agents are at work:

  • Perished rubber (ageing tyre).
  • Worn out tread.
  • Leaking tyre.
  • Bad alignment. 
  • Going for the cheapest option during purchase.

Identifying the problem is the first and foremost step in when diagnosing the problem. Don’t worry, here are the signs you’ll notice for each of the above problems:

  • For perished rubber, you’d see visible wear and tear signs. 
  • For worn-out tread, your driving feels imbalanced.
  • For a leaking tyre, you hear hissing sounds (just like mentioned above).
  • You notice uneven wear as well as a crooked steering wheel during driving.

It’s also advisable that during the purchase of any new tyres for your car, you shouldn’t always consider the cheapest option as they aren’t always the best option for you. 

If you reside in Unanderra, Australia, we can guide you on what to do when choosing new tyres for your car. We are just a call away.

Low tread depth

This is a problem that starts as soon as your new tyres hit the road. As you drive on your tyres, very little bits of rubber is left behind on the road which builds up over time. 

If you notice this problem on your car tyres, then you will need to get them replaced immediately as driving on the road with tyres like that becomes illegal.

However, you shouldn’t be experiencing this problem within the two to four years of usage. Except if they are counterfeit. 

Damaged tyres

Nowadays, sophisticated tyre repair kits and substances are being invented for first aid treatment for a bad tyre. While these ‘repair kits’ might seem commendable at first use, you shouldn’t rely entirely on them as they aren’t meant for permanent fixes. 

Repair goo can be used for mending almost every minor puncture on your tyres. Although things would be much better if you were to seek professional help. You could try asking the million-dollar question, “Are there any tyre shops near me?”.

Unnecessary swerving 

DO NOT overlook this sign when observed. You’re even lucky to notice this while driving and still make it back home. 

Uneven wear and tear or poor alignment of your car tyres are the main causes of difficulty handling the steering wheel.

Contact a professional immediately you notice this to get the problem fixed before it gets too late. You could also try looking for a tyre shop near me so you get out of the situation fast.

You should take note that while you might be able to handle some problems yourself, know when to call in professionals so you don’t end up having to spend a fortune on further damage repairs. Also, never let a problem stay too long before repair. Keep servicing your tyres regularly to take care of problems even before they appear. 

Contact us so we can keep tabs on your car tyres Unanderra, Australia.