The competition with premium custom candle boxes

When placed inside a store, there are a few things that can get your product noticed by the
masses; custom candle boxes is one of them. When one walks inside a store, it is fairly easy to
get distracted and overwhelmed by the sea of products. In such mayhem, how can a business
have its product highlighted and eventually noticed by prospective customers?
Custom candle boxes can not only provide brand awareness to a new prospective client, but
help your product become distinguishable too.

What makes for a candle packaging box?

There are quite a few things that a business needs to pay heed to, to make their packaging a
Success and a source of increased revenue in the market. Let’s dive into the world of bespoke
packaging and look at how a brand or a business can enhance their presence among
competitors with the help of custom printed candle boxes.

● Aesthetic

The most important part that product wrapping puts forward is the aesthetic. The glamour,
beauty, and attractiveness of a box is what attracts a customer or passerby to a product in the
first place. If a brand has nailed the appearance of the packaging of a candle, they are halfway
to a strong marketing strategy.

● Branding

While the look of a box may be very important, it is even more important for the right
information to be printed on it, which includes:

1. Brand name
2. Brand logo

There is other information that can be printed on the box too, for example, how-to information,
Usage, ingredients et al. Out of these the brand name and logo are, however, the most
important. It is only through these two aspects of packaging that brand awareness among the
They may create a target audience.

● Quality

The quality of a box is extremely important to make a good impression on customers.
Therefore, careful thought must be put when deciding on the custom printed boxes for
Candles. At a first glance and the first touch, it is essentially the wrapping of the product which
seals the deal in the customer’s mind.
A well-made, good-quality box may very well sway a person’s decision in the favor of the
Product with good packaging. Good quality packaging automatically translates to reliability and
a product of higher quality in the eyes of a buyer.

How can a business take the quality of their boxes a step further? By paying heed to the points.

1. Opting for higher than normal GSM cardboard makes the box look and feel sturdy.

2. Choosing the correct raw material for the box (between kraft, cardboard and rigid). The
correct material will give the desired message to the customer and set expectations

3. Opting for an aesthetically pleasing color scheme/palette. Visually pleasing colors.
attract more attention.

Custom printed candle boxes!

By taking into consideration the points made above, candle-makers and sellers can successfully
stand a class apart from their competitors. It is essentially the appearance and quality of custom candle boxes that make a buyer decide, therefore it is never a bad idea to invest wisely in it.