Tips to get cheaper flights from USA to India

Tips to get cheaper flights from USA to India – India is a beautiful country with a unique culture. Whether you love monuments, food, traditions or different clothing styles, India has some delightful experiences in store for you. Waking up hearing church bells, the morning azans, prayers from temples all simultaneously, this happens only in India. Walking upon the roads feeding your nose with the smell of delicious food cooked down the streets. Eating curries and biryani at lunch, dishes that are cherished around the world. But no other place can provide you the depth of flavors you can enjoy here. The unique spices and ancestral recipes do their magic on everybody.

Non stop flights from USA to India

Every year, many people from across the globe visit India. To taste its delicacies and to experience its spirituality. And if you are a travel enthusiast, then visiting India once must be a part of your travel plans. If you love beaches and parties, midst the calm and a breath of fresh air. Then you must travel to Goa. There are many direct flights to Goa from USA.

Having a tight budget while traveling is common. And many times we tend to postpone our trips when we can’t make the budget work. While traveling to India from the USA the major expense you will have to bear is airplane tickets. If you can save money on them, you can easily make your budget work. Getting cheap air tickets is not hard if you know the right way to get them. In this article, I will tell you some tips to get cheaper flights from the USA to India. So you can have your much-needed vacation and travel to India.

Compare the prices

There are various airlines that provide direct flights to India from the USA. The first thing is to compare the prices. Visit different websites and check the offers and discounts they are providing. It will surely take some time. But you will eventually end up finding a great deal and save extra cash. And when you are traveling to a country like India that has so much unique stuff. Some extra shopping will make your travel experience better.

Never Book on Time

Never book a flight just before the time of travel. Many airlines increase their prices in the end because of the surge in demand. And if you want to save money, it won’t go well with your pocket. Try to book a flight about 30 days prior to your flying day.

Be flexible with dates

Rigidity won’t let you save money while booking airline tickets. If you have a flexible traveling schedule, you can opt for dates that provide the most discount. Also, the prices of airlines are decided by algorithms. These algorithms consider demand as a factor to decide prices. So, if you visit India at times of festivals like the Maha Kumbh. You have to pay more than on the other days.

Be flexible with the location

India has many cities and many times direct flights to Goa from the USA will be costly than a direct flight to Delhi from the USA. In this case, you can take a direct flights to Delhi from the USA and then book a local flight to Goa from Delhi. It surely will consume more of your time. But it will also save you a large chunk of money. And if you love traveling on roads and are keen to experience India better. Then you can take trains and buses to travel from Delhi to Goa.

Choose budgeted airlines

Many budgeted airlines fly in India. Booking flight tickets with them will be an economical option to travel. You can easily book tickets for these airlines online.

Mix and match the airlines

Don’t book all of your tickets from a single airline. Some airlines have cheaper rates to travel to India. While the other provides better rates to you to travel inside India. So with some research. And some mixing and matching of airlines. You will save some extra cash for your trip to India.

Go for low-cost airports

Sometimes, the price of air tickets also varies according to the airport you are flying to. So if you can, choose a low-cost airport. For it, compare the prices of flights tickets to different airports. And you can find which is the cheaper one.

Travel on weekdays

Traveling on weekdays is cheaper than traveling on weekends. The reason behind this could be that more people travel during weekends. And airlines consider demand as a factor while deciding their ticket prices. If you can, then book tickets for mid-week days. Wednesday and Thursday often have the lowest fares when compared to other weekdays.

Travel off-season

In the case of India, the months from October to February are considered the best time to visit India. This time, the weather conditions are quite good. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy traveling to India at other times of the year. But due to all the climatic factors, more people visit India during these months. So, if you can then travel to India during other times of the year. Due to low demand, many airlines provide great deals and discounts to travelers during this time. And you will save money and have budgeted travel to India using these deals and discounts.

Use these tips and you can easily travel to India within a budget. To have budgeted travel, flexibility in choices is your biggest asset. And you should have some extra time in your pocket too. I know applying all this knowledge requires some hard work. And you will need to spend quite a lot of time on the internet comparing various deals. But the internet has various tools that can make this easier for you. Try to take help from tools that compare airfares for you. You can also take help from google maps. All this hard work will feel worthwhile while enjoying a cup of masala tea in India.

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