10 reasons why travel is the best thing in the world

Travel makes you happy. But what exactly is the reason for this? We found 10 good reasons why traveling is simply the best thing in the world.

It goes without saying that traveling makes you happy is no longer a secret. What’s better than traveling to new and exciting places with a loved one? Or lying in the sun on a distant beach and putting your feet in the white sand? The dream travel destination may look different for each of us, but arriving there is simply incredibly happy. The reasons for this can be of a very different nature. We’ve rounded up 10 reasons why travel is simply the best thing in the world:

1 It’s fun

First things first: Traveling is simply fun. You may have noticed this before – nowhere else is one as carefree and relaxed as on vacation. Of course there are exceptions, but normally when you travel in Taxi to Manchester airport you’re just in a good mood, exuberant and feeling good. You don’t have to think much about it, it’s just the way it is. And everything is just fun. Splendid!

2 Get to know new things

It doesn’t matter whether it’s countries, traditions, religions, food, people, landscapes, customs, etc. When you travel, you constantly learn new things. And that’s incredibly exciting! New adventures await you around every corner and you can get to know the world from all possible perspectives.

3 Discover the world

Our wonderful planet is just beautiful. Gigantic deserts, rushing waterfalls, cities full of people and dreamlike sunsets – the world has an unbelievable beauty. Discover the world for yourself and let yourself be enchanted, be amazed and never stop dreaming. And not to travel either.

4 Appreciation

Anyone who sees a lot in this world and also experiences a lot through travel quickly learns to appreciate their own home. Your apartment, your house, your family & friends, your city are also valuable. And sometimes it’s quite normal that when you travel, you start to miss your homeland. Appreciate what you have and look forward to coming home again.

5 Broaden your mental horizons

Traveling through world history can and will develop your personality. Because it is an incredibly formative experience to leave your parents’ house, to leave your hometown and to explore foreign countries and cultures. The impressions and experiences that you can gather are not only valuable, but will also change you. This is how you can learn to think outside the box.

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6 Travel inspires & invigorates

Sometimes you feel locked in, stuck and everything seems gray on grey. To revitalize yourself and recharge your batteries, there is no better way than to travel. It feels incredibly good to come back refreshed from vacation and to go back to work completely relaxed. Because then you are ready for new ideas again.

7 Collect memories

The experiences and beautiful moments of your trip will stay with you forever, not just in the holiday photos. With all the memories you collect during your vacation, you can survive the cold winter at home in no time. Because you know the next journey is already waiting for you.

8 Test your limits

You’ll probably only find out if you like climbing or diving once you’ve tried it. On vacation you have the opportunity to try out all sorts of things. You may be afraid of heights, but the view from this suspension bridge is breathtaking. Go and test your limits. How far you want to go is of course up to you. But a good experience can often take away your fear.

9 Turn off

We all have to get out of everyday life! When you’re just tired and stressed out, pack your bags and head to the airport. We all need a break here and there. Whether from the job, the university, the family or the friend. Far away from everything, you can really switch off and think about something else.

10 The feeling of freedom

Yes, travel exempt. Not only physically but also mentally. Nowhere else do you have such an intense feeling of freedom as when you travel. You can decide where you want to go or what you want to do without any compulsion. It’s incredibly liberating and just feels good. This feeling of freedom is beautiful and just makes us happy.