11 Best Place Tourist In Goa


Goa is worth a visit to many tourist sites. You find virtually everything in this small Indian state, from the beaches of Goa to national parks and hills, to churches, forts, markets, and backwaters. In fact, if you don’t have a list to guide you, it may be hard to see all of them in one visit. Here is a list of the must-see places in Goa, which definitely should be included in your tour schedules.

Many of Goa’s tourist sights include famous monuments, UNESCO sites, beautiful churches, interesting local markets, and ancient Portuguese buildings. The top beaches and water sports and lots of natural attractions you don’t want to miss are also available.


South Goa’s Agonda Beach is a must-visit. It is an isolated stretch of sand lined with palm trees 39.2 kilometers from Margao. It is a very calm, peaceful beach with few tourists and picturesque beaches. In the north, there is a turtle center and in the south, there are rocky sandstones. Tourist facilities developed! Many stores, cafés, beach shacks, bars, restaurants, yoga centers, and massage rooms are available. But here you are still going to feel less “touristic.”


Fort Aguada is a Portuguese fort in North Goa from the 17th century. It stands on top of a hill at the confluence of the Mandovi river and the Arab Sea. The Portuguese built this fort to defend the Marathas and the Netherlands. The sepulcher is deep dry and the lighthouse is 13 meters high, built-in 1864. There are still a lot of buildings inside the fort.

The views of the coasts, the Arab Sea and the Mandovi River, and the city Panaji, on the other side of the river from Aguada, are impressive.


In North Goa, near the beach of Vagator, the fortress of Chapora is. This is the Arab Sea on the Chapora River. For those who love Bollywood Hindi films, Chapora Fort is a must-visit. Here was filmed the famous Bollywood film “Dil Chahta Hai.” Although the fort is now nearly in ruins, the river and the coastline are still unbelievable. Take a photo – many photo opportunities are available here!


You can witness the fury of nature, one of the highest and strongest cascades in India. It is 47 km from Margao by the MDR52 Dudhsagar Falls. It stands on the border between Goa and Karnataka. When there is a lot of water in the monsoon, Dudhsagar Falls seems most impressive.

It descends from a steep mountainside for about 1017 feet. From and to Margao you can see the falls, or to the base of the falls. You can also see them. The Bhagwan Mahaveer and Mollem National Park are all within walking distance. Many points of view are on the way.


Baga beach is one of the most popular beaches of Goa in North Goa. The north of the Baga River. The popular beach of Calangute, too, is in the south. One of the longest sandy coasts of Goa is the Baga-Calangute stretch. There are numerous beach shacks, pubs, restaurants, shops, evening clubs, and water sports activities to choose from, including bananas, speedboats, paragliding, and paragliding. Britto’s a famous shack at the north end of the beach. Tito’s Club and the Mambo Cafe are two of Baga’s famous nightclubs.

6 Market for the Weekend of ANJUNA 

The Anjuna Flea Market, launched by hippies in the 1960s, is the highlight in Goa. It is on the south end of the beach of Anjuna. The market for Anjuna Flea is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday. More than 500 stalls sell crafts, handcrafted gemstones, Cashmere and Tibetan goods, bags, clothes, tribal artifacts, etc. Food stalls, jazz bands, and rock music are available.


In the basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa, the body of St. Francis Xavier is maintained. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Goa and an international landmark for Catholics. UNESCO World Heritage Site is Bom Jesus Basílica.

The Baroque Church was built in 1605. The body of the saint was taken here in 1622 and laid in a glass mausoleum since. In the Basilique, there is also a Modern Art Gallery.


In Vagator, North Goa is the Thalassa restaurant. The best Greek and Mediterranean food in Goa is served. Good setting and stunning Arabian Sea views! The night’s good music. Here are some of the favorites: meat dish, mouthwatering tails, baklava, vegetable moussaka, mushroom saganaki. They also have legendary seafood, including creams and calamari. If you’re in North Goa, see the sunset with a drink. Maybe until dinner, you want to stay back.

9 Mapusa Market

The Mapusa Market is located 10,3 km by road from North Goa Anjuna Beach. This is a big, colorful, and interesting Goa market open on Fridays. Open on Fridays. People come to sell goods from towns and distant places. There are a wide variety of fresh spices, fruit, flower, nuts, house-made chouriço (homemade chouriço), marinated pork sausages, wickless, clothing, coir mats, gems, clothing, and even wines to choose from. The shops are grouped by the product type sold.


This beautiful church in Goa’s capital, Panaji, next to the Mandovi Bridge, is also called the “Immaculate Conception Church.” In 1541 it was formerly a chapel. Only in 1619 was the church built larger. Since then there have been numerous revisions and improvements but the original construction remains.

For a long time, devotees have arrived here. Old Portuguese sailors prayed and requested a good journey. They came back to say thank you after the trip. Each year on 8 December there is a feast attended by numerous residents and tourists.


The Panjim area of Fontainhas is a UNESCO UNESCO Heritage Zone in Ga’s Old Latin Quarter. See the old buildings, quaint shops, bakeries, restaurants & art galleries, discover the winding narrow streets and streets.

Don’t miss the mansions here in Portugal. Check out the red carved roofs and balconies projected. Their Mediterranean feeling is distinct. The heritage walk to the Fontainhas area is also possible.