8 Campsites to Visit on the East Coast

The East Coast has many qualities to fall in love with, like the rustic beaches, which open the way to endless opportunities of having a great time. If you are planning on an East Coast adventure while camping, here are eight campsites you should try out:

Hermit Island Campsite

It is a rustic site in Maine that only uses tents, pop-up trailers, and truck campers. Unfortunately, travel trailers and RVs are not accepted at this campsite. The campground offers picnic tables and fire pits for the campers. It also has showers and bathrooms. You cannot come along with them to Hermit Island Campground for pet lovers.

Newyork’s Hither Hills State Park

It is a campground best for dry camping, and better yet, it allows RVs. Hither Hills state park offers chances to go biking, hiking, and equestrian trails. Also, pets are restricted from going to this campsite. 

You will enjoy sitting at the ocean side or walking along the ocean and enjoying the breeze at the campground. The water sports and trips of the day have made camping at Hither Hills State Park become a popular East Coast campsite. 

This state park is a great surfing site found in Newyork. However, it does not have hookups, so you will need to use self-contained tanks, batteries, and solar panels.

Assateague Island State Park

It is among the amazing campgrounds in West Virginia to go as a family and park your RV. What can be more amazing than camping on an island and amongst wild horses? You will get to see wild horses roaming around the state park and even near your site. 

Due to this, you should avoid leaving food out for them, strategy, or contact them. You get to enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment by the sparling and beautiful water of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The state park falls between Sinepuxent Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, with several miles of the sandy side and an area for the campers to set up their tents, trailers, and RVs.

Oceanside KOA Holiday

You should begin your tour on the East Coast with the dramatic and rocky shores of Bar Harbor KOA Holiday. It has a stunning sunset and wonderful kayaking when the wind is calm. You can also buy lobster for dinner and enjoy your delicacy on the waterfront site. From Oceanside KOA Holiday, you can see Acadia National Park since it is just a short drive from it.

Acadia National Park

The campground has a rocky coastline accompanied by trees near the ocean. This makes it among the best campground sites on the East Coast. You can experience the park incredibly well by going camping there. 

Acadia National Park is found on the northeast side of Maine. It offers a wild ocean view, among other stunning sights. Moreover, you can enjoy the view of thousands of stars lighting up the sky at night.

Rhode Island

It is found in Charles Stone. These campgrounds consist of about twenty cabins and over seven hundred campsites. It has only four toilets in a mile range of about three miles. However, fifth wheels and travel trailers are restricted to the Rhode island campsite, not limited to pets. You will enjoy the campground more because the camp is located on an outer bank and is usually not crowded with people.

Myrtle Beach

Every part is gorgeous and occupied in this state park with a terrific option for outdoor recreations and activities. It is among the best state campground sites in the country. They have crazy and wild entertainment combined with wonderful delicacies for dining options. It also offers activities like fishing and watching the gorgeous sunset. This campground is located far off, giving you the chance to enjoy a quiet retreat.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach State Park is just after Myrtle Beach State Park. It is quieter with the more natural terrain. The campsite is largely shaded, protecting the campers from the sometimes hot sunlight. It is situated just a few meters away from the ocean, thus allowing the campers to hear the soothing sounds of the waves breaking while they fall asleep.

Closing Thought

Choose amongst the eight campsites suggested above for a more desirable fun time on the beach. East Coast will offer several amazing beachfront campsites.