A tour of Kerala without a houseboat cruise in Alleppey is never complete.

Are you ready to take the most exciting trip through the backwaters of Kerala?

Moving through the peaceful and serene backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala Boathouse offers you and your loved ones the most rejuvenating cruise experience. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy holidays with your wife, family members , friends and companions, etc., as well as to celebrate your life’s most important days and occasions. With lush green vegetation and a serene view of nature, the backwaters of Alleppey are blessed.

The place is lush, peaceful and, above all, regarded as the place of gods. Each houseboat is designed with unique modern-style characteristics and is the pinnacle of innovation and luxury. They are all packed with modern furniture and facilities to keep all kinds of guests entertained at all times. Alleppey, popularly referred to as the ‘Venice of the East,’ invites you to take a relaxing and peaceful cruise through pristine waters.

Book a trip today and the price of your Kerala houseboat is very low, and according to your budget and preference, you can choose one.

 Therefore, all kinds of travellers consider houseboats accessibility. Experience the majesty of the Alleppey backwaters and be inspired by the expanse and its beautiful imagery of lush green vegetation.

Kerala Houseboats-Friendly Packages for Customers

Kerala Boathouse is very affordable for all kinds of visitors, including honeymooners, couples, visiting families, co-workers and mates, also known as ‘Kettuvallams’.Tourists can select luxury, deluxe and other houseboat packages, as per their preferences and specifications. All Kerala house boat packs are planned to be extremely affordable in such a way for tourists and their families.

Types of Boathouses

There are many types of Alleppey  boathouses, and the most common among them are A / C premium boathouses, A / C deluxe boathouses, and punting boathouses.

 Booking a trip in a luxury boathouse with A / C gives you a spacious living space with bathrooms attached.

The kitchen crew is pleased to take your orders and you get a free beer, fruit and floral gifts, candle light dinner, etc.. Booking a trip with a living area in A / C deluxe boathouse gives you all sorts of boathouse packages that are accessible to all types of visitors. Customized packages are available for visitors with modern amenities. There are many customised houseboat cruises in Alleppey to explore all of its attractions in the backwaters. In the days when ‘Kettuvallams’ existed, the layout and design concepts of a houseboat were the same. In order to build a houseboat, only eco-friendly construction materials are used and hence, the price of Kerala houseboat is very low for travellers of all kinds. Each houseboat is fitted with a comfortable atmosphere and has all the characteristics required to entertain guests. A houseboat cruise is the best choice to celebrate your birthdays, honeymoon, wedding anniversary or any other special occasions in your life

There are several exclusive offers for unique seasons only, and by selecting them carefully, visitors can use all of them. Therefore, you can make it very fun and unforgettable for your boathouse outing.

In Kerala, water paths stretch up to 900 kilometres.

Initially, houseboats were used to transport rice and coconuts to different destinations and are now specifically used for backwater tourism. As water bodies are accessible in abundance here, Kerala has a long history of water transport. The most famous water body here that stretches over Alleppey, Kottayam and Cochin is Vembanad Lake. The second most beige lake here is Ashtamudi Lake, and backwater tourism is now completely grown here. There are thousands of houseboats here ready to carry visitors to discover the backwater attractions.

There are some exclusive deals for special seasons only, and visitors can use all of them by picking them carefully. Therefore, for your boathouse outing, you can make it very fun and unforgettable.

Visitors can pick the best packages from the online booking platform available on the website.

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