Are Proton Vehicles Really Cheaper Than other Brands?

As we all can see, Proton has been gaining too much attention recently, and according to recent news, Proton Vehicles will be launching its newly developed Proton X50 in 2022. After hearing this news, countless people starting to browse the internet to find out what type of car Proton X50 is and what new features it’s bringing to Pakistan.

But that can be discussed at a later date. In today’s article, we are going to discuss whether Proton Vehicles are really cheaper than other brands or not. And let us tell you we made this title when we are searching for an exciting topic to discuss. We saw a post in which people have debated whether proton cars are really cheaper or not. So our team and I have gone through various articles and countless blog posts and have noted down the essential information, which will clear all curiosity.

Reasons For Why Proton Is Cheaper Than Other Brands

Proton X70


vehicles Prices

When Proton launched its Vehicles in Pakistan, multiple brands started to take notice when it began to climb in the initial six months of 2019. Slowly it began to grow, and people were continuously searching for the price at which Proton is to be selling out. But none have provided the correct information.

So our team contacted Proton Pakistan, which the Al-Haj group handles, and asks them for their guidance on this topic, and they wholeheartedly welcomed us with open arms and told us that we could ask as many questions related to Proton as we’d like.

All of us had a great chat with them and all of the Proton senior officials provides us with the essential details which countless people were searching for.

Suppose you compare a Honda Civic, which is currently going for about 47 or 49 lakh PKR. And an average person cannot even think about purchasing a car at that price tag. That’s when Proton launched its Proton Saga ACE, which is under 22 lakh PKR, the most affordable sedan in Pakistan, and it also provides advanced features as other brands but at a lower price tag.

Finance Charges:

Finance Charges

Now the next question that people are debating on finance charges, that tells us, they are discussing this much is spent on a car when you want to keep it maintaining.

So we contacted various car lovers who have purchased both of the Proton models. And asked for their guidance on this topic. And they told us that if you want to keep your car in mint condition, some people manage a figure of 50,000 to 80,000, and some even go above and beyond and manage a total budget of 1 or 1.5 lakh.

But those are budgets of people who have fully customized their Proton X70 or added some extra features. If an average person purchases a Proton X70, he will only need a minimum budget of 20 to 25 thousand. Yes, this is true, not more than 20 to 25 thousand is demanding.


Depreciations in vehicles

We have seen that people have been leaving their questions on multiple social media platforms. And only a few of them have got a response, and others have not. The reason behind this is because countless people have asked, ‘When a new car leaves the dealership. Is it true that more than forty percent of its real value drops?’, these types of questions have been mentions throughout the online community.

Users are now fed up with these types of questions being ask multiple times. But don’t worry because we will provide all the details even if it has been requested on various platforms. Firstly, it is not true when a new car leaves from a dealership and 40% of its value get deduct.

This type of deduction can only occur if you have driven a car for more than a year. And it has to be driving more than 50,000 km. That’s when 40% of its actual value is depreciation. Secondly, let’s say that you have to get purchase a new Proton X70. And when you have taken away the car from the dealership, not more. Then 5 to 8% of its actual value is depreciating.


Vehicles Insurances

There are various times when people buy cars for themselves or for their loved ones. And sometimes, you cannot predict what could happen. Even if you are driving the car around the neighborhood or on the highway, anything could happen. That’s why insurance companies are building to cover the expenses of your vehicle, health, and housing. Now, if you are buying a brand new Proton Saga ACE or the new Proton X70, you will get it insured right, but the packages will vary from different companies and may reach up to a price of 10 to 15 thousand monthly. It all depends upon the package of your choice.