Best Places to Visit in Denver, Colorado

Denver, the “Mile-High City,” is the largest city of Colorado and is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It has beautiful gardens and picturesque parks, and lots of wilderness that you can explore when you are in the mood for hiking. Denver is a lively place and an important political, cultural, and economic center of the region. It is a rapidly growing metropolitan city and home to many historical places and museums. Denver also offers lively nightlife and amazing shopping malls. The area is quite scenic and is among one of the best places to live in the U.S. Here are some of the famous and best places to visit in Denver, Colorado. 

1- Museum of Nature and Science, Denver 

Located at the southeast corner of the city park, the Museum of Nature and Science is regarded as one of Denver’s top-rated places to visit. It features remarkable stuff and exhibits impressive dinosaur skeletons and animal debris from the ice age. It also has the Coors mineral collection and has one of the biggest gold nuggets to be found in Colorado. The museum often brings in new things to showcase, so you can always see new things. And the best thing above all is that an IMAX theater and a planetarium are also present on site. After visiting the museum, you can visit the popular local city park, which hosts a series of concerts during the summer. You can also get on board a fantasy spaceship and fulfill your dream of flying into space during the Space Odyssey exhibit. 

2- Performing Arts Center, Denver 

Situated on the southern side of Larimer Square, the Denver Performing Arts Center is a well-known cultural center. It has several venues such as Boettcher Concert Hall, Auditorium Theater, and Ellie Caulkins Opera House. If you want to do something fun in  Denver, you should visit this place to keep yourself entertained. Going out at night at the Center for Performing Arts means watching Broadway shows. You can also enjoy theater and numerous other entertaining performances. Major events of all kinds are held at this venue. The center also features facilities related to education, providing opportunities for acting classes, programs, and professional development.

3- Botanical Gardens, Denver 

Founded in the late 1950s, the Denver Botanical Garden is one of the largest of its types in the USA and covers around 23 acres. It comprises several individual gardens, which are 43 in number and are surrounded by natural landscapes. The garden highly focuses on an eco-friendly system and has a variety of native plants. However, some parts of the garden feature plants from all over the world. One of these gardens which have been highlighted over the past few years is the Japanese garden. The Denver Botanical Garden also holds events throughout the year, such as concerts to keep the visitors entertained. You can visit Botanical garden with your family in luxury limo to make you day memorable. 

4- Larimar Square

A good example of Denver’s urban renewal is Larimer Square, a well-restored building from the Civil War. The Larimar Square became Denver’s first-ever historical district in 1971, and today it is a major entertainment area. It features wonderful art galleries, shops, restaurants, and attractive gas lights. It is constantly evolving, making it highly popular among the locals and visitors. During the daytime, people visit it mostly for shopping and having lunch at exotic restaurants. While at night, it’s a great place for dinner and enjoying live entertainment.  

5- The U.S. Mint, Denver

The U.S. Mint is located just behind the City and County Building. It is the hub of American currency creation and stores the country’s gold reserve. You can visit this facility free of cost. You can stop at a gift shop at the end of the tour, from where you can get gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends. However, a booking is required before the tour of the mint, which can be easily done by visiting the site. 

6- Cherry Creek North, Denver

Cherry Creek North is Denver’s most famous shopping district. It is situated in the southern and eastern part of the downtown and features a luxurious art gallery. The green and flowery district covers about 16 blocks arranged in a square and is home to numerous restaurants serving worldwide cuisine. A lot of events are hosted here all year. The most famous of these events is the Cherry Creek Art Festival that happens in July. It attracts diverse artists from around the world, and people show a variety of their art here, ranging from paintings, jewelry, and pottery. 

There is no doubt that Denver is a beautiful place to visit, especially during the summers. If you are up for a family trip and want to go someplace nice and lively, then Denver should be on top of your list.