Car Service for San Francisco and its beaches

The western coast of the California city is basically one big beach with sand dunes and insane waves. Being located in the north of the state, the climate of its beaches is not suitable for wearing a bikini. But they are perfect for surfing and enjoying the sun. Likewise, there are coves with hidden beaches that are only accessible by following paths on steep cliffs. Despite all this dilemma, summers in California are also enjoyed in San Francisco. Below you can find its best beaches.

Baker Beach

On the northern edge of the city’s car service bay area, Baker Beach is known for its views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands . In a section of its route are luxurious mansions where millionaires live. It is not very crowded and its waves are not so intense, perfect for a weekend of rest.


This beach is a bit removed from the city, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco. Its route shows the coastal hills and the Bolinas lagoon recognized for being the favorite place of birds on the rocks. When the fog descends on the city, this small beach is hardly affected. This has a lot to do with its difficult access and high tides. Similarly, the residents have decided to protect their stage so they demolish all signs that indicate the way to it.

Muir beach

Located east of Muir Woods National Monument, this beach is home to redwood trees that are hundreds of years old and stand over 230 feet tall. Muir is known as a natural site where a lagoon, wetlands and dunes meet in the wooded part of the Marin Headlands.

Ocean beach

The normal sight on a beach day at Ocean Beach is joggers, pet freedom seekers, and surfers clad in wetsuits. On summer days, hanging out and swimming can be done but with caution. Although it is a misty stretch, it is a very popular surfing destination having hosted the world championship of the sport in 2011.


Pacifica State

Pacifica State Beach is one of the most popular amateur surf spots in the Car Service San Francisco area. Among surfers it is commonly known as Playa Linda Mar. Because it is close to the residential areas of South San Francisco, it is common for families to bring their children to play there.

Rodeo Beach

Part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the beach is located just two miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The sandbar that forms Rodeo Beach is the only separation between the Rodeo Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. It is mainly known for its dark and stony sand, but it is mainly used for surfing, tanning or collecting semi-precious stones.

Stinson Beach

It is one of the longest beaches, but with constant fog. Although its sand is not as white as in the Caribbean, it is very clean and tidy. However, this is not a deterrent to the growing popularity of the daily tour for visitors to the area. From there you can reach the walking trails around Mount Tamalpais.

Tennessee Valley Beach

At the end of the trail of the same name, Tennessee Valley Beach is a treasure hidden in the hills 20 minutes from San Francisco. Likewise, it is the ideal place to have a picnic at the end of the walk along the trails.

Crissy Field

With Car service San Francisco the boom in taking pictures and selfies today, Crissy Fields beach cannot be left unmentioned. The strong wind, the fog, the icy waters and the view obscured by cargo ships do not place it very high in the rankings of California beaches. However, the view in the mornings is unbeatable for walking, posting, or taking pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge.\

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